Robotic News:

07:21 - 2017/04/15

EMYS Robot: Learning Language

EMYS arouses positive emotions and people feel safe with him. They recognize that his appearance as well as his behaviors, are human-like.When situated in home environment, EMYS can provide new possibilities related to increasing the humans' activity, help children learn or just assist people in their everyday activities.
12:58 - 2017/04/13

Emily Robot: Lifeguard Robot

The U.S. Navy funded research on the development of a fast-swimming "robot lifeguard" that saved Syrian refugees from drowning but has no immediate plans to acquire the EMILY system for the military.
09:34 - 2017/04/13

Ballpicker Robot: Robotic Ball Collector

The Ball Picker is the only robotic ball collector in the world and a revolutionary advancement in golf ball collection. This coupled with the BigMow Robotic Lawn Mower, forms a duo which automates outfield maintenance tasks.
15:08 - 2017/04/12

Parrot Pot Robot: Smart Connected Flower Pot

For people who wish they had green fingers, Parrot has created a smart pot that claims to be able to keep any plant alive. The $99 flower pot not only detects whether plants have enough light and fertiliser, but waters them as needed. The 'Parrot Pot' is heading for global release this year, according the Paris-based company known for drones and in-car communications and audio.
11:30 - 2017/04/12

Branto Robot: Smart Home Gadget

Branto supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Global System for Mobile Communications (commonly shortened to GSM). That's partly so you can tap into core features, like its built-in 100-degree 1080p camera with 360-degree pan, complete with motion and sound alerts, two-way talk, night vision and local storage (thanks to an included 16GB internal memory card; cloud storage is elective), as well as audio streaming, video conferencing and an optional door/window sensor accessory, dubbed Branto Bit.
09:40 - 2017/04/12

Budgee Robot: Friendly Robot Assistant

It's a “friendly robot assistant” designed for the elderly and handicapped that is lightweight with a top speed of 2.4 mph. If you’re walking too fast for it to keep up, it’ll say so, with an app that lets you tailor the message. You can also program the color of its eyes, which have different sizes.
08:28 - 2017/04/12

Alter Robot: Humanoid Robot

In case you aren’t already terrified that the robot revolution is around the corner, the Japan Science Museum is here for you. Last year, the museum unveiled its latest installation, a human-like robot called “Alter.” The robot’s movements are entirely governed by a neural network—a learning computer system modeled after the structure of neurons in the human brain—and devoid of human involvement.
13:09 - 2017/04/10

Paro Robot: Therapeutic Robot

It's an advanced interactive robot developed by AIST, a leading Japanese industrial automation pioneer. It allows the documented benefits of animal therapy to be administered to patients in environments such as hospitals and extended care facilities where live animals present treatment or logistical difficulties.
08:28 - 2017/04/10

Roary Robot: Take Out Your Trash

A drone and a little robot on four wheels are teaming up to become automated garbagemen. The ROAR Project, headed by Volvo, is studying how to automate waste management. The system it's come up with is ROARY, a little wheeled garbageman whose job it is to grab refuse bins and bring them to the garbage truck.
07:31 - 2017/04/10

BatBot Robot: the Flying First Robot Bat

A team of scientists has just built the first robot that looks and flies like a bat. They named it, of course, Bat Bot. Bat Bot is nothing short of an engineering marvel. It weighs in at only 3.3 ounces—about as heavy of two golf balls.