Robotic News:

08:19 - 2019/11/02

Wakamaru Robot: Smart Artist Robot

Wakamaru Robot is a smart artist robot that is a friendly helper robot that can carry on conversations with people, recognize faces, and shake hands. It's been used as a domestic assistant, office receptionist, event host, and sales rep. The Wakamaru moves by a wheel that can go as fast as one kilometer per hour. Its sensors can detect self position, infrared ray obstacles, and ...
08:56 - 2019/10/30

Keepon Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Keepon Robot is a smart entertainment robot that used to study the underlying mechanisms of social communication. Its simple appearance and behavior are intended to help children, even those with developmental disorders such as autism, to understand its attentive and emotive actions. The robot, usually under the control of a teleoperator, has interacted with children in schools and ...
08:22 - 2019/10/28

Telenoid Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

Telenoid Robot is a smart humanoid robot that is a robotic communications device. You connect to the robot over the Net, and it will transmit your voice and mimic your face and head motions. It's like a mobile phone shaped like an alien.
08:30 - 2019/10/26

CB2 Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

CB2 Robot is a smart humanoid robot that measures about 4 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs 73 pounds, which size-wise would put it in the third or fourth grade. However, it was designed to function as a 1- to 2-year-old. CB2 is slowly developing social skills by recording human's facial expressions via eye cameras, matching them with physical sensations, and then clustering them into ...
08:44 - 2019/10/23

Diego-San Robot: Smart Child Robot

Diego-San Robot is a smart child robot that is a robotic toddler comprising a Hanson Robotics-created head and a body by Japan’s Kokoro. These days the little guy resides at the University of California at San Diego’s Machine Perception Lab, where he serves cognitive AI and human-robot interaction research. With high definition cameras in the eyes and 27 servo ...
08:19 - 2019/10/22

AlphaDog Robot: Smart Military Robot

AlphaDog Robot is a smart military robot that is more technically known as the Legged Squad Support System (LS3), and is designed to be a "highly mobile, semi-autonomous" robot capable of carrying around 180kg for up to 20 miles (32km) without refuelling. The "semi-autonomous" part refers to the fact that LS3 can be programmed with a set of GPS co-ordinates, before trundling off ...
07:56 - 2019/10/21

Aila Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

Aila Robot is a smart humanoid robot that used by researchers to study mobile manipulation, robot perception, and AI. She's learning to perform tasks in human environments and training to become an astronaut. The robot Aila is a mobile dual-arm robot system developed as a research platform for investigating aspects of the multidisciplinary area of mobile manipulation.
08:29 - 2019/10/20

BotVac Robot: Smart Cleaner Robot

BotVac Robot is a smart cleaner robot that uses an advanced laser sensor to map and navigate rooms. It detects walls and objects and cleans close to edges and around objects, without bumping into your furniture.
08:10 - 2019/10/13

Emiew 3 Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Emiew 3 Robot is a smart entertainment robot that enhanced degree of autonomy based on EMIEW and EMIEW2. A "remote brain" consisting of control functions deployed on the cloud and a robot monitoring system, forms the robotics IT platform, which combined with EMIEW3, enables support in customer and guidance services.
08:36 - 2019/10/12

Pleo Robot: Smart Dinosaur Robot

Pleo Robot is a smart dinosaur robot that is a cute little robot dinosaur that acts like a living pet. It explores, learns, makes dinosaur noises, munches on (plastic) leaves, and demands that you give it your total, exclusive, unfettered attention.