Robotic News:

08:59 - 2019/03/25

TIGR Robot: Smart Military Robot

TIGR Robot is a smart military robot that a medium-sized, two-man carried UGV. The TIGR is a highly mobile, all-weather system capable of operating in any terrain. TIGR incorporates best-in-class day and night vision modules that expedite IED search and CBRN survey operations. The two-meter reach of the 5 DOF manipulator allows the TIGR to effectively search and access a variety of environments, ...
08:30 - 2019/03/17

DashGo B1 Robot: Smart Four-Wheeled Robot

DashGo B1 Robot is a smart four-wheeled robot that comes with multiple USB ports, so you can attach sensors, robotic arms, and other modules. The DashGo robot comes with a high precision LiDAR. It offers 5V, 12V, 19V and 24V power interfaces. Featuring an ROS framework, the robot is compatible for deep secondary development to make it a future-ready solution that can be upgraded according to ...
07:55 - 2019/03/16

Andros FX Robot: Smart Track Robot

Andros FX Robot is a smart track robot that to defeat a wide range of threats including vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices. The more capable and dexterous robot will be available for viewing on the Northrop Grumman exhibit at stand S5-310. This is the first time Andros FX has been on display in the UK.
09:07 - 2019/03/13

Ohbot Robot: Smart Educational Robot

Ohbot Robot is a smart educational robot that an educational robot with a seven motor head that connects to your computer and gets your kids familiar with basics of programming. It comes with a graphical programming interface based on MIT’s scratch. The robot and its software help users understand sequences, variables, and other basic concepts.
08:57 - 2019/03/12

DeNA Robot: Smart Bus Robot

DeNA Robot is a smart bus robot that going to make life easier for a lot of us in the future. It is nice to know that multiple companies are working on these ideas. DeNA has partnered with EasyMile S.A. to launch electric vehicles (EZ10 buses) capable of accommodating up to 12 people. DeNA’s Robot Shuttle service will operate inside a 21,000 sq.-meter area in Toyosuna Park.
15:06 - 2019/03/11

Saildrone Robot: Smart Boat Robot

Saildrone Robot is a smart boat robot that can be sent to remote locations for an extended period of time, delivering real-time data back to scientists that was previously impossible to collect," said CSIRO research group leader Andreas Marouchos. The ability to quickly re-task the drones remotely means CSIRO can deploy them to monitor difficult to predict natural events like marine heat waves or ...
08:36 - 2019/03/10

Sparus II Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

Sparus II Robot is a smart underwater robot that combines torpedo-shape performance with hovering capability. It is easy to deploy and to operate. The payload area can be customized by the end user and it uses an open software architecture, based on ROS, for mission programming. Its flexibility, easy operation and openness makes the SPARUS II AUV a multipurpose platform that can adapt to ...
07:54 - 2019/03/09

MetaFly Robot: Smart Insect Robot

MetaFly Robot is a smart insect robot that battery is charged by docking the MetaFly with the included 2-channel radio remote control unit, drawing current from that device's four AA batteries. One 15-minute charge should be good for eight minutes of flight time, with 15 flights possible on one set of the remote's batteries. Users can also opt for a separate 1,500-mAh power bank, ...
09:07 - 2019/03/06

Alice Robot: Smart Service Robot

Alice Robot is a smart service robot that designed for providing friendly and effective customer service to all guests or customers different industries. Alice Robot shows activities in Exhibition, Event, Showcase, Restaurant, Commercial spaces Convenient Bank queuing, Handle business. Guide shopping in supermarkets, shopping malls welcome the customers, Guide and introduce in hall, Line up, ...
08:51 - 2019/03/05

Snow Robot: Smart Service Robot

Snow Robot is a smart service robot that a penguin-shaped robot. she is kindly, endearing and surprising. We have designed Snow to be a genuine day-to-day companion, whose number one quality is her ability to perceive emotions. Snow is the first pangolin robot capable of recognizing the principal human emotions and adapting her behavior to the mood of her interlocutor.