Robotic News:

07:28 - 2019/05/25

Digit Robot: Smart Carrier Robot

Digit Robot is a smart carrier robot that stands just over five feet tall. It has a pair of skeletal legs, two arms ending in shapeless nubs, and a sensor array where its head should be. Digit would be bundled into the back of a self-driving car. When the car reaches its destination, the trunk pops open, and Digit unfolds itself in a manner unnervingly similar to the droid army in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.
08:51 - 2019/05/22

ReFlex 1 Robot: Smart Robotic Hand

ReFlex 1 Robot is a smart robotic hand that a versatile robotic hand with 3 fingers and 5DOF. It has 3 x Dynamixel AX-12A motors and 2 x Dynamixel XL-320 motors. It weighs only 800g and has a quick-connect mount to fit popular arms. As this video shows, this robotic hand can be used to pick up chess pieces, draw, and do a whole lot more.
08:48 - 2019/05/21

Mylo Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

Mylo Robot is a smart assistant robot that a monitoring companion robot designed for people with serious health issues, such as dementia. It can sense a fall and initiate an emergency response protocol if necessary. Its watch senses heart rate in real-time. Mylo can draw a virtual boundary and alert contacts when it is crossed.
08:22 - 2019/05/20

Gen3 Robot: Smart Robotic Arm

Gen3 Robot is a smart robotic arm that A scalable, flexible and adaptable service robot, enabling researchers to customize it as needs evolve. The robot is built for human-robot interaction, meaning it’s not intended to automate tasks, but rather to work with people, enabling to transcend physical limitations.
08:49 - 2019/05/19

Jaco Robot: Smart Robotic Arm

Jaco Robot is a smart robotic arm that is a light-weight, technical assistance robot which was designed to compensate for the loss of arm movements. It is composed of six interlinked segments, the last of which is a three-fingered hand. Through the controller, the user can move the robot’s hand in three-dimensional space and grasp or release objects with the hand, using either ...
07:18 - 2019/05/18

Niobe Robot: Smart Medical Robot

Niobe Robot is a smart medical robot that utilizes two permanent magnets mounted on pivoting arms that are enclosed within a stationary housing, with one magnet on either side of the patient table. During a procedure, the physician guides the catheter movement by simply moving a computer mouse from a room adjacent to the patient but outside of the x-ray fluoroscopy field.
08:32 - 2019/05/15

Cyberlegs Robot: Smart Rehabilitation Robot

Cyberlegs Robot is a smart rehabilitation robot that allows a good approximation of the joint torques and the kinematics of the human gait cycle while maintaining compliant joints and reducing energy consumption during level walking. This prototype has a passive knee and an active ankle, which are energetically coupled to reduce the power consumption.
08:22 - 2019/05/14

LEeCH Robot: Smart Soft Robot

LEeCH Robot is a smart soft robot that draws inspiration from the land leech in particular. These are excellent climbers, thanks in no small part to the two natural suction cups at either end of their bodies. Being small, soft and light, leeches are able to survive falls from great height relatively unscathed. All admirable properties for a wall-climbing robot.
08:31 - 2019/05/13

Narwal Robot: Smart Cleaner Robot

Narwal Robot is a smart cleaner robot that a self-cleaning robot mop and vacuum that uses LiDAR, SLAM, and smart sensors to clean your floor efficiently. It comes with a 5L water tank and can cover an area of 2150 sqft. The robot comes with self-cleaning technology, so it will wash, rinse, and dry the mops automatically.
08:26 - 2019/05/12

RVR Robot: Smart Carrier Robot

RVR Robot is a smart carrier robot that is a surprisingly compact remote-control vehicle that can attach to a trailer so that you can move, turn, and park it without hooking it up to a truck or something comparable in size. The RVR moves using a pair of treads, and Trailer Valet says it’s capable of moving over dirt and grass as well as paved roads.