Robotic News:

09:09 - 2019/02/20

Skaterbot Robot: Smart Skate Robot

Skaterbot Robot is a smart skate robot that teaching robots to stay balanced on ice is easier said than done. ETH Zurich’s Computational Robotics Lab researchers have designed a 3D printed robot with wheels and legs that can maintain its balance while skating smoothly on ice. The robot learns on its own how to skate better.
09:20 - 2019/02/19

Handiblox Robot: Smart Educational Robot

Handiblox Robot is a smart educational robot that can introduce your kids to programming. The Handiblox allows kids to create code sequences with a block-based coding app. It can record audio clips and change its eye colors as his mood changes. Handiblox Robot is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
08:55 - 2019/02/18

iDummy Robot: Smart Mannequin Robot

iDummy Robot is a smart mannequin robot that can morph into any shape, allowing fashion stores and design studios to develop products using one tool. Such a solution enables shoppers to order clothes online, send in their exact measurements, and have perfect fit clothing items delivered to their home.
08:56 - 2019/02/17

BW1 Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

BW1 Robot is a smart underwater robot that with a 1080p camera that lets you capture and explore the underwater world. It has a max depth rating of 100 meters. The battery life lasts 5 hours. The BW1 has simple app controls. You can interact with it with a Bluetooth controller and reel it in when disconnected using the tether.
08:47 - 2019/02/16

Eggy Robot: Smart Home Robot

Eggy Robot is a smart home robot that teaching assistant to help kids get ready for school or connecting school and home self learning. Kids love to draw! WeDraw-Eggy enables kids to learn while having fun. There are 3 different functional cards within the kit: drawing cards, math cards, and English cards.
08:23 - 2019/02/13

Degu Robot: Smart Four Wheeled Robot

Degu Robot is a smart four wheeled robot that main purpose is to send it to dangerous areas and reconnaissance the status of the region. It can work in indoor and outdoor areas, and can be used without any training. The platform supports different payloads. It can be used with the robotic arm in the bomb disposal mode or with the gas module for toxic gas detection.
09:05 - 2019/02/12

UR3 Robot: Smart Robotic Arm

UR3 Robot is a smart robotic arm that an ideal assistant in gathering, clean, polish, place and bonding applications requiring uniform item quality. The new pedestal or tabletop robot can be utilized for picking, gathering and putting parts in optimized workflows. As a result of its minimal structure and simple programs, it's anything but difficult to switch it between tasks to meet assembling ...
10:20 - 2019/02/06

UR5 Robot: Smart Robotic Arm

UR5 Robot is a smart robotic arm that is our iconic collaborative robots were built with versatility and adaptability in mind. Lightweight, easily programmable and highly customizable, the UR5 is designed to integrate seamlessly into any production facility regardless of industry, size or product nature.
09:06 - 2019/02/05

UR10 Robot: Smart Robotic Arm

UR10 Robot is a smart robotic arm that is our largest collaborative industrial robot arm, designed for bigger tasks where precision and reliability are still of paramount importance. According to the press release, this new collaborative robot platform is intended to enable faster development for a wider variety of applications than the standard line. Improvements include greater precision ...
09:17 - 2019/02/04

Pando Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Pando Robot is a smart entertainment robot that a cute mini humanoid robot with rich body actions and facial expressions that keeps your kids entertained and teaches them a thing or two about technology. It comes with an intuitive programming UI for new actions. Pando has an IR sensing module and advanced algorithm to avoid obstacles and follow your gesture commands.