Robotic News:

09:04 - 2019/07/17

Rashmi Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

Rashmi Robot is a smart humanoid robot that the world’s first Hindi speaking humanoid robot with standard robot features such as AI and facial recognition to interact with people. The robot can speak Hindi, Bhojpuri and Marathi along with English. Ranjit Srivastava is behind this robot. The robot hosts an “Ask Rashmi” segment where it listens to the user’s queries and replies to them.
08:47 - 2019/07/16

Wizo Robot: Smart Service Robot

Wizo Robot is a smart service robot that happens to be a 3D printed humanoid robot made in UAE. It can move its arm to wave to people and express itself through its LED face. It has smart sensors to avoid collision, so it’s safe around people. The robot also features behavioral recognition and smart navigation features.
08:52 - 2019/07/15

TeleTrak Robot: Smart Tracked Robot

TeleTrak Robot is a smart tracked robot that a robotic solution for industrial and manufacturing environments. It has a tracked based drive system and can traverse uneven terrain, steps, and obstacles as high as 4″ tall. The robot can be controlled using a gamepad-style controller or even a smartphone. The TeleTrak has 3 cameras (head, inspection/arm, base) and front & rear cliff detection sensors.
08:51 - 2019/07/14

Oysterbot Robot: Smart Cleaning Robot

Oysterbot Robot is a smart cleaning robot that a wet cleaning robot that cleans your floors, so you don’t have to. It comes with along the wall cleaning function. You can also set virtual boundaries for it. You get a simple control to interact with the machine.
08:19 - 2019/07/13

Boar Robot: Smart Service Robot

Boar Robot is a smart service robot that designed to eliminate injuries and providing a more natural nose-to-nose contact. It has a compact design with a 4-wheel drive traction system. It weighs 510 lbs. You can get a side guard, hearse, and other optional parts to do more with it. The robot helps businesses become more operationally efficient.
08:18 - 2019/07/10

Mabot Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Mabot Robot is a smart entertainment robot that designed to teaches your kids a thing or two about robots. The Mabot robot has a plug & play design. It comes with smart ball modules that can be used to build a variety of fun robots. You can program and control the toy via drag & drop. Mabot is compatible with LEGO. The kit lets you build 12 robots (e.g. snaker, chicken, explorer, grabber) and control it via Bluetooth.
08:44 - 2019/07/09

Winky Robot: Smart Educational Robot

Winky Robot is a smart educational robot that teaches kids 5 to 12 the basics of programming and artificial intelligence. It has a visual programming language to get young students started. Beginner and advanced modes are available to accommodate every kid. The Winky robot comes with gesture recognition, various sensors, touch interface, shock & splash resistant design, and over 3 days on standby.
08:37 - 2019/07/08

Quicktron Robot: Smart Warehouse Robot

Quicktron Robot is a smart warehouse robot that receive instructions via WiFi signals. They would then find the goods and move them to the designated drop-off points for human workers to pick up. Each of the machines is fitted with laser detection which prevents them from bumping into each other. Once fully charges, the robot could work eight hours non-stop.
08:44 - 2019/07/07

MA750B Robot: Smart Tracked Robot

MA750B Robot is a smart tracked robot that designed for ship cleaning design of magnetic adsorption crawler robot walking chassis, the product has a high degree of protection, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion characteristics, the unique floating magnetic adsorption device has better performance, vehicle rust waterproof self-lubricating design with a high service life.
08:44 - 2019/07/06

MA360 Robot: Smart Tracked Robot

MA360 Robot is a smart tracked robot that designed for industrial wall-climbing robot chasis with wall-climbing (iron) requirements. There are two kinds of walking ways, crawler and wheel, independently designed and developed permanent magnet track, bottom suction type magnetic seat, follow-up pendulum-type permanent wall climbing wheel and so on for climbing wall structure and device.