Robotic News:

08:36 - 2019/03/10

Sparus II Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

Sparus II Robot is a smart underwater robot that combines torpedo-shape performance with hovering capability. It is easy to deploy and to operate. The payload area can be customized by the end user and it uses an open software architecture, based on ROS, for mission programming. Its flexibility, easy operation and openness makes the SPARUS II AUV a multipurpose platform that can adapt to ...
07:54 - 2019/03/09

MetaFly Robot: Smart Insect Robot

MetaFly Robot is a smart insect robot that battery is charged by docking the MetaFly with the included 2-channel radio remote control unit, drawing current from that device's four AA batteries. One 15-minute charge should be good for eight minutes of flight time, with 15 flights possible on one set of the remote's batteries. Users can also opt for a separate 1,500-mAh power bank, ...
09:07 - 2019/03/06

Alice Robot: Smart Service Robot

Alice Robot is a smart service robot that designed for providing friendly and effective customer service to all guests or customers different industries. Alice Robot shows activities in Exhibition, Event, Showcase, Restaurant, Commercial spaces Convenient Bank queuing, Handle business. Guide shopping in supermarkets, shopping malls welcome the customers, Guide and introduce in hall, Line up, ...
08:51 - 2019/03/05

Snow Robot: Smart Service Robot

Snow Robot is a smart service robot that a penguin-shaped robot. she is kindly, endearing and surprising. We have designed Snow to be a genuine day-to-day companion, whose number one quality is her ability to perceive emotions. Snow is the first pangolin robot capable of recognizing the principal human emotions and adapting her behavior to the mood of her interlocutor.
08:06 - 2019/03/04

GoPal Robot: Smart Mobile Robot

GoPal Robot is a smart mobile robot that moves pallets from A to B. The prime example would be moving pallets containing finished product(s) from the end of the production line to storage. In a complex delivery application, the GoPal moves pallets from A to B, C or D. The main example of a complex delivery application would be moving pallets to their correct destination from ...
08:55 - 2019/03/03

piBo Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

piBo Robot is a smart entertainment robot that wants to be your personal companion. It can provide you with info from the Internet, including weather forecast. Users can share emotions with piBo and maintain a daily diary. The robot can be customized thanks to its companion app. Tell pibo what you see, hear and feel. I will always be friends with you.
09:15 - 2019/03/02

BionicSoftHand Robot: Smart Robotic Hand

BionicSoftHand Robot uses the method of reinforcement learning – learning by strengthening. This means that instead of having to imitate a concrete action, the hand is merely given a goal. It tries to achieve this through trial and error. Based on the positive and negative feedback received, the hand gradually optimizes its actions until it finally solves the task successfully.
08:52 - 2019/02/27

Kannon Robot: Smart Buddhism Robot

Kannon Robot is a smart buddhism robot that designed to explain the teachings of Buddha in plain terms was unveiled to the media at Kodaiji Temple in the city of Kyoto on Saturday. In a dimly lit hall of the temple, the robot — named Mindar — gave a speech on the Heart Sutra and humanity with English and Chinese subtitles projected on the wall as music played in the background.
09:12 - 2019/02/26

Astronaut A5 Robot: Smart Robotic Milking

Astronaut A5 Robot is a smart robotic milking that was revealed in front of 750 people at the Lely Future Farm Days event near Rotterdam. Astronaut A5 Robot has been tested for over 18 months on 30 farms in seven countries. More than 2 million milkings occurred. The company also launched the latest version of its Juno feed pusher. It has sold 8000 of these machines worldwide.
08:40 - 2019/02/25

RVR Robot: Smart Track Robot

RVR Robot is a smart track robot that more than just a fun, programmable robot... We've added some incredible features that open up a world of possibilities for hackers, educators, students, technical hobbyists and anyone else ready to take it to the next level. Think of RVR as the ultimate mobile canvas for your creativity. Build the robot of your dreams and then program ...