Robotic News:

08:54 - 2019/01/20

Braava Robot: Smart Mopping Robot

Braava Robot is a smart mopping robot that cleans you floors efficiently. It uses smart navigation and sensors to get around in your rooms and get rid of dirt and stains. It comes with cleaning pads for wet mopping, damp sweeping, or dry sweeping. Braava Robot is suitable to use on hardwood, tile, and stone surfaces. Just press the clean button and your Braava Jet will do the rest.
08:17 - 2019/01/19

Obsbot Robot: Smart Camera Robot

Obsbot Robot is a smart camera robot that mixes a 4K 60 fps camera with a three-axis mechanical gimbal and a 3.5x optical zoom lens. The camera uses artificial intelligence (and that gimbal) to follow a pre-determined subject. The Obsbot Tail uses different filming modes to determine how the camera frames the shot, from following full-body action to maintaining an upper-body crop.
08:49 - 2019/01/16

Luka Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Luka Robot is a smart entertainment robot that is a cute AI robot that can read books to your kids to encourage good reading and pronunciation habits. Luka reads aloud any book you put in front of it. It can recognize over 6,000 English, 2,000 Spanish and 30,000 Chinese picture books. You can also record your own picture books and have Luka read them in your voice.
08:32 - 2019/01/15

Pudubot Robot: Smart Delivery Robot

Pudubot Robot is a smart delivery robot that is designed to work in restaurants, providing help to waiters and waitresses by assisting in order delivery, and could effectively cut manpower costs. The simplicity in its design makes PuduBOT blend in with a variety of themes of modern dining environment, with rounded corners giving it a warm and approachable tint.
08:25 - 2019/01/14

Holabot Robot: Smart Delivery Robot

Holabot Robot is a smart delivery robot that equipped with AI speech interaction and facial recognition. It may tell direction of human faces with RGBD camera and elevate its screen to the height at which users feel comfortable to operate it; users can unlock its cabin with facial recognition. In addition, there are automated trays within the cabin that will elevate themselves for users to fetch.
07:50 - 2019/01/13

Bread Bot Robot: Smart Bread-Making Robot

Bread Bot Robot is a smart bread-making robot that a fully automated bread-making machine that mixes, kneads, proofs, bakes and sells bread like a vending machine. The Bread Bot looks like a Rube Goldberg machine encased in a transparent baby Airstream trailer. It also continuously smells faintly of fresh-baked dough. It includes a multi-step process made of ...
07:49 - 2019/01/12

Sweeper Robot: Smart Harvesting Robot

Sweeper Robot is a smart harvesting robot that is the first sweet pepper harvesting robot in the world demonstrated in a commercial greenhouse. It is designed to operate in a single stem row cropping system, with a crop having non-clustered fruits and little leaf occlusion. Tests were performed in a commercial greenhouse having a 2-row V-type cropping system.
08:28 - 2019/01/09

Stevie Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

Stevie Robot is a smart assistant robot that the robot is the result of a decade worth of research and took two years to construct in its current guise. The five-foot automaton cannot provide assistance for physical tasks, but can perform a range of functions ranging from medication reminders and light conversation to video calls with family members.
08:37 - 2019/01/08

MobiLimb Robot: Smart Robotic Finger

MobiLimb Robot is a smart robotic finger that plugs in through a smartphone’s Micro USB port, moves using five servo motors, and is powered by an Arduino micro-controller. It can tap the user’s hand in response to phone notifications, be used as a joystick controller, or, with the addition of a little fuzzy sheath accessory, it can turn into a cat tail.
08:34 - 2019/01/07

Snackbot Robot: Smart Six-Wheeled Robot

Snackbot Robot is a smart six-wheeled robot that will deliver goods at 50 designated areas across the campus. The Snackbot can go more than 20 miles on a single charge and includes a camera, headlights, and all-wheel drive to help it navigate. It is important to note that the Snackbot app is currently only available for iOS.