Robotic News:

08:44 - 2019/09/24

CorPath GRX Robot: Smart Surgery Robot

CorPath GRX Robot is a smart surgery robot that provides value for physicians, staff, and patients during interventional procedures where precise device and stent positioning is a top priority: Procedural Control, Robotic Precision, Improved Workflow and protection. Robotic-assisted control of guide catheter enables necessary adjustments during complex vascular cases.
09:13 - 2019/09/23

Airbot One Robot: Smart Track Robot

Airbot One Robot is a smart track robot that a duct inspection and cleaning robot that is propelled by 2 powerful motors. It allows access to all types of ducts and can move efficiently in them. It has 2 cameras and 4 LED lights. The Airbot One robot has a 0-160psi pressure regulator. It also comes with a set of nozzles and whips.
08:58 - 2019/09/22

Snake Robot: Smart robotic Snake

Snake Robot is a smart robotic snake that Using the above gait design method, we designed a gait that climbs over a flange on pipe. With this method, snake robot can get over the flange by locally lifting the body while helically wrapping around a vertical pipe to prevent slipping down. Despite of its very simple string-like body without legs, a snake can realize many kinds of locomotion such as ...
09:15 - 2019/09/21

Tunabot Robot: Smart Robot Fish

Tunabot Robot is a smart robot fish that is built in a way that, as the current of water speeds up, its tail and body move in a rapid bending pattern. This mimics the way a real yellowfin tuna swims. When the Tunabot was tethered in flow tanks at both universities, laser-based fluid-motion analysis showed that it was capable of swimming at a maximum speed equivalent to that of a real yellowfin of ...
09:04 - 2019/09/18

Hunter Wolf Robot: Smart Military Robot

Hunter Wolf Robot is a smart military robot that a rugged 6×6 load-carrier for dismounted infantry that can handle deep slopes and dense jungles. It has a range of 100km with endurance of 72 hours. The Hunter WOLF can be armed to take on all kinds of threats. The Hunter Wolf has a modular structure.
08:53 - 2019/09/17

Max Robot: Smart Cleaning Robot

Max Robot is a smart cleaning robot that is the newest member of the clan, though, and he seems pretty cool. The gizmo’s vacuum fan creates about 3,000 Pa of suction (that’s air watts, or a measurement of the effectiveness of vacuum cleaners). More importantly, the thing has a bunch of cameras and it’s really smart.
08:49 - 2019/09/16

Roham Robot: Smart Pool Robot

Roham Robot is a smart pool robot that actively scrub the pool surfaces as the robot moves, allowing the robot to lift dirt, algae and bacteria off the pool floor and walls, including at the water line where oils and bacteria can build up.
09:02 - 2019/09/15

Coral One Robot: Smart Cleaning Robot

Coral One Robot is a smart cleaning robot that takes it to the next level. It not only cleans your floor but can also serve as a handheld vacuum for spot cleaning. You can put the robot on schedule from your smartphone. Coral One Ultra uses over 15 sensors to map your room and clean every corner. It runs for over 120 minutes on battery.
08:36 - 2019/09/14

Flying Fish Robot: Robot Explodes from Water

Flying Fish Robot is a robot explodes from water that can burst out of the water and into flight has been developed in the hope it can assist in the event of an environmental disaster. The bio-inspired device which uses a simple combustion system that pushes water out as a jet and propels the robot up to 26 metres through the air, was developed by engineers at Imperial College London.
08:04 - 2019/09/08

SpaceBok Robot: Smart Explorer Robot

SpaceBok Robot is a smart explorer robot that can jump up to 2 meters in lunar gravity. It uses a reaction wheel to control its orientation and maintain balance as it comes down. Test rigs have been set up to simulate various gravity environments, mimicking not only lunar conditions but also the very low gravities of asteroids. The lower the gravity the longer the flight phase can be for each robot jump, ...