Robotic News:

08:39 - 2018/12/23

Drive Unit Robot: Smart Warehouse Keeper

Drive Unit Robot is a smart warehouse keeper that slowly traverses the floor reading 2D QR/Datamatrix codes every 40″ and takes commands from it’s brain in the cloud before making any movements. When it gets to a pod, the bot uses a lift mechanism, spinning in place to raise a ball-screw that lifts the pod a few inches off the ground.
08:41 - 2018/12/22

Haru Robot: Smart Social Robot

Haru Robot is a smart social robot that design incorporates, two eyes with LCD screens, LED rim and movement capability, an LED matrix mouth plus the ability to work with a range of movements, voice and sound effects. Each of these elements provides fertile research ground for developing an expressive and emotive multi-modal communication system between Haru and its user.
09:01 - 2018/12/19

Aluminalis Robot: Smart 16-Legged Robot

Aluminalis Robot is a Smart 16-Legged Robot that Each side is driven by a motor, which drives a pinion gear, which drives a main gear, which drives a four-section crankshaft, which drives a complex set of linkages, which drives the legs. The four crankshaft sections on each side are 90-degrees out of phase with each other so that at least one pair is always firmly on the ground.
08:31 - 2018/12/18

Sojourner Robot: Smart Mars Rover

Sojourner Robot is a smart mars rover that includes six wheels, rotational servo steering, a fully-functional rocker-bogie suspension system, solar panels, a large main antenna, lithium battery, a “warm box” to protect its electronics, a video camera, and a host of other components. Sojourner Robot is built on a 1/2 scale because it is intended to be used in interactive exhibits in space museums where space is limited.
08:24 - 2018/12/17

MegaScout Robot: Smart Two-Wheeled Robot

MegaScout Robot is a Smart Two-Wheeled Robot that both units are shaped like tubes about a third as wide as they are long. The Scout is about the size of the cardboard tube inside a toilet tissue roll, the MegaScout about the size of Sunday's paper rolled up. The cameras and other sensors are recessed into the surfaces of the tube.
08:23 - 2018/12/16

Bionic Cobot Robot: Smart Robotic Arm

Bionic Cobot Robot is a smart robotic arm that the natural motion sequences and its intuitive operability, the Bionic Cobot has great potential in a wide range of industries: especially when it comes to monotonous, mindless or even dangerous activities, it could be used as an assisting robot and relieve humans.
08:31 - 2018/12/15

Leonardo Robot: Intelligent Animatronic Robot

Leonardo Robot is an intelligent animatronic robot that is not designed to walk. Instead, its degrees of freedom were selected for their expressive and communicative functions. It can gesture and is able to manipulate objects in simple ways. The robot has an organic appearance. Leonardo a youthful appearance to encourage people to playfully interact with it much as one might with a young child.
08:52 - 2018/12/12

Melon Robot: Smart Medical Robot

Melon Robot is a smart medical robot that st rengthen the benefits of laser toning and make up for the weakness of control accuracy. Robot Laser toning system can effectively correct sun spots, acne scars, melasma and other conditions that affect the skin’s pigmentation, whether they’re at the surface or deep in the dermal layers. Melon is being co-developed with O&L medical robot company.
08:55 - 2018/12/11

Verox Robot: Smart Swimming Robot

Verox Robot is a smart swimming robot that Using a novel undulating propulsion system, the bot is able to efficiently glide through the water, over rough land and has recently become adept at the art of ice-skating. The unique capabilities of the Velox robot actually stem from research into renewable energy, where CEO of Pliant Energy Systems Pietro Filardo sought to ...
08:27 - 2018/12/10

WaveHandling Robot: Smart Sorting Robot

WaveHandling Robot The pneumatic conveyor belt can transport objects in a targeted manner and sort them at the same time. It consists of numerous bellows modules that deform the surface creating a wave motion that transports the objects in a targeted manner. The individual modules can be connected as required and are self-configuring.