Robotic News:

08:39 - 2019/05/06

Suitbot Robot: Smart Rehabilitation Robot

Suitbot Robot is a smart rehabilitation robot that initial design underscores its industrial function. It’s meant not to help humans walk but to augment lower body strength for people who need to lift heavy objects from the ground. These often lead to back and leg injuries that the SuitBot can help prevent. And, of course, there’s a bit of AI in there to learn from the wearer’s habits and optimize power and movement.
08:40 - 2019/05/05

CAR Robot: Smart Micro Robot

CAR Robot is a smart micro robot that designed tiny robots that in lab tests remove large patches of bacterial communities called biofilms found growing on medical devices and human teeth. Researchers seek to develop better techniques for dealing with the problem of biofilms, a scourge in medical facilities. Biofilms are communities of bacteria that ...
09:56 - 2019/05/04

Guardian LF1 Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

Guardian LF1 Robot is a smart underwater robot that device is driven by a controller similar to a gaming controller, and is very user-friendly and lightweight at about 20 pounds. This device is special because it is the first to reach, stun, and capture lionfish that are found very deep below safe depths for diving.
08:52 - 2019/04/30

Lio Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

Lio Robot is a smart assistant robot that is a human-friendly service robot on a mobile platform designed to help and support people. It can be used in nursing and old people’ s homes, hospitals or at home. Lio can communicate with people, help in the household and support with nursing tasks. State-of-the-art technologies are used in such a way that Lio is not only helpful, but is also liked and accepted by people.
08:18 - 2019/04/29

Flobi Robot: Smart Head Robot

Flobi Robot is a smart head robot that can display primary and secondary emotions in a human-like way, to enable intuitive human-robot-interaction. Flobi has high-resolution, wide-angle stereo vision, gyroscope motion compensation and stereo audio. The head is self-contained, and has 18 actuators, sensors and control boards.
08:50 - 2019/04/28

King Louie Robot: Smart Space Robot

King Louie Robot is a smart space robot that movement is controlled by inflating or deflating different chambers in its limbs. For instance, inflating a chamber on the bottom of its arm makes the arm move up. Inflating a chamber on the top makes the arm move back down. As such, they function in the same antagonistic way as muscle pairs in the human body, where one muscle contracting ...
08:47 - 2019/04/27

Duke Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Duke Robot is a smart entertainment robot that wants to be a pet for your kids. Duke is a robotic dog with a smart bone. It can bark, do tricks, and respond to touch & voice. Duke has animated snout, tail, and legs in addition to light-up LED eyes. It even has a secret talking mode that can be unlocked with a smart bone and secret command.
08:57 - 2019/04/24

Pirate Robot: Smart Modular Robot

Pirate Robot is a smart modular robot that is able to take a vertical climb, broadening the general application range and facilitating entry in the gas distribution network by means of vertically drilled holes. The robot is largely developed by using additive manufacturing. The robot uses a modular structure consisting of bending modules, drive modules and one rotation module.
09:25 - 2019/04/23

Thorvald Robot: Strawberry Picking Robot

Thorvald Robot is a strawberry robot that can monitor the strawberry fields, constantly watch for attacks from fungi and mites, treat the plants without recourse to pesticides and even help with harvesting. Thorvald can assist farmers have recently generated substantial international media coverage as British media have speculated that Thorvald, in the long term, may be able to plug a post-Brexit labour crisis.
08:47 - 2019/04/22

Alex Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

Alex Robot is a smart humanoid robot that has started reporting stories on Russia 24 about agriculture and nuclear technology among other topics. The robot can only move its head and facial features, but when it’s finished it will be able to move its limbs as well, according to BBC News. Alex has caused some controversy with some viewers saying it spouts “propaganda” and is a “fake news generator.” ...