Robotic News:

08:28 - 2018/12/09

BionicFinWave Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

BionicFinWave Robot is a smart underwater robot that uses its two side fins to move along. They are completely cast from silicone and do without struts or other support elements. This makes them extremely flexible and thus able to implement the fluid wave movements of their biological role models true to nature.
09:12 - 2018/12/08

Spinybot Robot: Smart Six Wheeled Robot

Spinybot Robot is a smart six wheeled robot that The design is inspired by the mechanisms observed in some climbing insects and spiders and involves arrays of microspines that catch on surface asperities. The arrays are located on the toes of the robot and consist of a tuned, multi-link compliant suspension.
08:42 - 2018/12/05

Jay Robot: Media Service Robot

Jay Robot is a media service robot that in public space, such as airport, museum, shopping center, etc. Because of a powerful motor and HARMAN/KARDON speaker, Jay might drive beautifully with graceful sound.
08:16 - 2018/12/04

FX-2 Robot: Riding Biped Robot

FX-2 Robot is a giant human riding robot, designed to make humans stronger and more mobile. It can walk through street without safety belt. Also, its arms can be controlled by a specialized controller which are on the body of robot. It can carry luggage or a person according to shape of it's upper body. FX-2 is famous for torch relay of 2018 Pyeong Chang olympic in South Korea.
09:12 - 2018/12/03

Anthrob Robot: Smart Hand Robot

Anthrob Robot replicates the human upper limb, which comprises the bones of the pectoral girdle, the (upper) arm, the forearm and the hand. Anthrob Robot is a sensorized anthropomimetic robot which replicates the human upper limb (shoulder girdle, upper arm and forearm) but includes some design simplifications in order to simplify the development of controllers without ...
08:49 - 2018/12/02

ACT Hand Robot: Smart Hand Robot

ACT Hand Robot incorporates neuromusculoskeletal aspects of the anatomy that are functionally crucial in order to use control signals that resemble the neural commands. These aspects include the tendon insertion points, general bone shapes, the extensor mechanisms, muscle contraction behavior, joint axes locations, joint range of motion, and the general size and weight of the human hand.
08:57 - 2018/12/01

InSight Robot: Smart Mars Lander

InSight Robot is a smart mars lander and has sent signals to Earth indicating that its solar panels are open and collecting sunlight on the Martian surface. NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter relayed the signals, which were received on Earth at about 5:30 p.m. PST (8:30 p.m. EST). Solar array deployment ensures the spacecraft can recharge its batteries each day. Odyssey also relayed a pair of images showing InSight's landing site.
08:03 - 2018/11/28

Arm-A-Dine Robot: Feeding Robotic Arm

Arm-A-Dine Robot a robot arm worn in the middle of the chest that picks food up off the table and conveys it to you or your dining partner’s mouth. The intention isn’t to stuff you till you explode, though: Arm-A-Dine is actually a prototype designed to augment the social experience of eating. In a research paper from the Exertion Games Lab at RMIT University in Australia and ...
10:02 - 2018/11/27

AirBurr Robot: Smart Flying Robot

AirBurr Robot takes inspiration from the way insects process information and therefor can recover from collisions and even exploit them. The robot is designed to be robust to crashes and can take-off again without human intervention. Airburr navigates in a reactive way, can bump into obstacles, and doesn't need heavy modeling in order to fly autonomously.
08:11 - 2018/11/26

M.A.X Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

M.A.X Robot combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) with customizable programming. The result is a one-of-a-kind robot of your own creation! Budding engineers, innovators and creators can expand their knowledge of programming as they personalize this robot to their specifications.