Robotic News:

08:08 - 2018/10/16

SeRArm Robot: Smart Inspection Robot

SeRArm Robot is a highly flexible slender (i.e. low diameter-to-length ratios) continuum robot of 25 degrees of freedom. The robot is capable to navigate into crammed environments and then perform complex trajectories with a camera equipped machining end-effector for allowing in-situ interventions. The goal of this project is to shorten both the time and cost of maintenance works ...
08:21 - 2018/10/15

Moxi Robot: Smart Hospital Robot

Moxi Robot described as a socially intelligent robot capable of supporting clinical staff to become a vital and trusted member of the team. Unlike, say, Robear — a Japanese-made health care robot capable of lifting people in and out of a bed — Moxi isn’t built for patient interaction. Instead, it’s designed to carry out a range of logistical tasks for nurses, giving them more time for interaction with patients.
08:57 - 2018/10/14

Angus Robot: Smart Robotic Farm

The first is a porter: a 1,000-pound wheeled bot named Angus that moves pallets of seedlings around the warehouse in their hydroponic growing vats. The second is a robotic arm (currently unnamed) that picks up individual plants and moves them from vat to vat. All of this is overseen by a computer program (nicknamed “the Brain”) that monitors the growing conditions in each pallet and adjusts their balance of gases and nutrients for optimal growing conditions.
08:41 - 2018/10/13

Pneuborn Robot: Smart Baby Robot

Pneuborn Robot can teach itself to crawl, sit, and stand using pattern generators and learning algorithms. The target tasks of the robot are basic locomotion like rolling over and crawling, which are acquired at the age of around seven months. The skeletal structure, muscle alignment, and range of motion are designed on the basis of functional anatomy, biomechanics, and observation of real human babies.
08:43 - 2018/10/11

Quori Robot: Smart Service Robot

Quori Robot will provide a hardware platform that will enable computing researchers to enter the field of HRI and develop and test algorithms, as well as conduct statistically significant user studies by deploying systems in the real world and collecting user data to inform further computing research in HRI.
09:02 - 2018/10/10

Maki Robot: A 3D Printable Humanoid Robot

Maki Robot is a cute communication robot that can be assembled from 3D-printed parts and some off-the-shelf electronic components for less than US$500, making it an affordable platform for hobbyists and university labs. MAKI's head, eyes, and eyelids move independently using six servo motors sold by Robotis, controlled by an Arbotix Robocontroller or Arduino.
08:42 - 2018/10/09

Snumax Robot: Smart Soft Robot

Snumax Robot is a soft robot with transformable origami wheels and a soft manipulator to move around and pick up objects. It has an adaptive gripper to pick up objects. BioRobotics Lab is behind this robot. It has won the RoboSoft Grand Challenge.
08:36 - 2018/10/08

Heasy Robot: Smart Service Robot

Heasy Robot is a mobile and autonomous robot kiosk designed for public areas. Always located in the best spot and supported by its elegant and friendly design, Heasy generates 20 time more interactions compared to static kiosks. Open and connected, Heasy is an attractive interface to play with your existing digital assets or to easily build new experiences.
08:53 - 2018/10/07

DelFly Nimble Robot: Smart Insect Robot

DelFly Nimble Robot is a super agile robot with a quad-wing flapping system, and it’s capable of flying just as nimbly as a real winged insect. Using its four wings, the DelFly can control three axes of flight, and it goes left or right by changing the way each one of its wings flap. It’s eerily similar to a real insect. Currently, the DelFly can fly around for more than five minutes on a full battery with a range of more than 1 kilometer (0.62 miles).
07:47 - 2018/10/06

HRP-5P Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

HRP-5P Robot is a prototype humanoid construction robot that aims at replacing heavy duty human labor. created as a response to the country’s labor shortage due to its aging population and declining birthrate, the robot can autonomously carry out various building tasks, such as picking up a plaster board and screwing it onto the wall.