Robotic News:

09:08 - 2019/04/17

Eva Robot: Smart Service Robot

Eva Robot is a smart service robot that is essentially a robotic photo booth that invites people to choose between a wide range of photo styles on the 23.8-inch touchscreen before shooting their portraits. The resulting photos can be instantly printed out at a photo station in the venue or shared online through social media.
09:05 - 2019/04/16

Loper Robot: Smart Four Wheeled Robot

Loper Robot is a smart four wheeled robot that a multi-purpose robotic platform using a Tri-lobe wheel design and a highly compliant chassis which makes the platform suited for overcoming challenges associated with search operations in urban settings. Each Tri-lobe wheel is coupled-directly to a high torque, highly accurate AC servo actuator. The direct coupling of the wheels to ...
09:03 - 2019/04/15

Spyndra Robot: Smart Spider Robot

Spyndra Robot is a smart spider robot that has eight motors, an IMU, and runs Raspberry-PI 3. It requires non-intuitive motor commands in order to locomote, and thus provides an interesting challenge for gait learning algorithms. It is self-aware to the degree it can simulate itself, and that self-simulation is essentially the ability to predict sensations from actions.
09:08 - 2019/04/14

Treebot Robot: Smart Tree Robot

Treebot Robot is a smart tree robot that a pair of omni-directional tree grippers that enable the robot to adhere on a wide variety of trees with a wide range of gripping curvature. Treebot is able to change a moving direction in three dimensional space by bending the continuum manipulator. The robot can maneuver on a complex tree environment, but only five actuators are used in the robots mechanism.
08:46 - 2019/04/13

Tega Robot: Smart Social Robot

Tega Robot is a smart social robot that research platform designed to support long-term interactions with young children. The robot leverages smart-phone technology to not only graphically display facial expressions but also for computation, which includes behavioral control, sensor processing, and motor control to drive its five degrees of freedom: head up/down, body-tilt left/right, ...
08:32 - 2019/04/10

Romu Robot: Smart Four Wheeled Robot

Romu Robot is a smart four wheeled robot that uses its own weight to drive sheet piles into the ground. According to Wyss, this is made possible by each of its four wheels being coupled to a separate linear actuator, which also allows it to adapt to uneven terrain and ensure that piles are driven vertically.
07:27 - 2019/04/09

Waalbot Robot: Smart Climbing Robot

Waalbot Robot is a smart climbing robot that intended for inspection and surveillance applications and, ultimately, space missions. The robot uses two actuated legs with rotary motion and two passive revolute joints at each foot the robot can climb and steer in any orientation. The Waalbot has on-board power, sensing, computing, and wireless communication which allow for semi-autonomous operation.
08:41 - 2019/04/08

Astrobee Robot: Smart Bee Robot

Astrobee Robot is a smart bee robot that will soon be flying around the International Space Station (ISS) alongside the astronauts. This compact, 1 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot cube is designed to: help scientists and engineers develop and test technologies for use in zero-gravity; help the astronauts do their routine chores; and give flight controllers in Houston additional eyes and ears on spacecraft.
08:43 - 2019/04/07

Heros Robot: Smart Three Wheeled Robot

Heros Robot is a smart three wheeled robot that is rugged, and can carry payloads over 200kg. The robot can be integrated with various sensors and actors onto the robot: cameras, laser scanners, GPS, IMU, multiple high-end PCs for data processing, robot arms, carry boxes and trailers, scraper bars, LED searchlights, and wireless communication.
08:56 - 2019/04/06

Jinn-Bot Robot: Smart Service Robot

Jinn-Bot Robot is a smart service robot that the first Swiss-made 3D printed walking humanoid robot, capable of hearing, speaking, expressing ‘moods’ and performing a variety of movements, all while controlled via a either a PC or Android device and freely downloadable app.