Robotic News:

08:53 - 2019/08/06

M500 Robot: Smart Mower Robot

M500 Robot is a smart mower robot that cuts your lawn, so you don’t have to. It can cover gardens up to 500m2 and handles slopes up to 35%. It uses AI and multi-zone programming to take on complex terrains. The robot has iOS/Android control. M500 Robot has adjustable cutting height of 30-60mm. It has a rain sensor to detect wetness and stop mowing.
08:45 - 2019/08/05

Rev-1 Robot: Smart Three Wheeled Robot

Rev-1 Robot is a smart three wheeled robot that tootles along on three wheels instead of the four or six that we see with most of the competition. The wheels and storage compartment mean the look of the Rev-1 is similar to efforts from dominant player Starship Technologies, as well as delivery robots from FedEx and Amazon. Meanwhile, more extreme variations include the Digit from Oregon-based ...
08:48 - 2019/08/04

Meca500 Robot: Smart Robotic Arm

Meca500 Robot is a smart robotic arm that another 6-axis robot arm that could prove useful for research, education, and laboratory automation. It comes with programming and simulation software. It supports an Ethernet connection and can be used with ROS. Meca500 Robot has brushless motors and a controller, which is embedded in its base. Its 6th motor controls the two-finger parallel gripper.
08:40 - 2019/08/03

Cellrobot Robot: Smart Modular Robot

Cellrobot Robot is a smart modular robot that allows your kids to bring their robot ideas to life. It comes with a Heart (robot controller) and Cells that you can connect to build hundreds of robots. You can attach wheels and a camera to do even more with the robot. CellRobot can be controlled from your smartphone. You also get 3D instructions. The robot is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
08:52 - 2019/07/31

Stickman Robot: Smart Acrobatic Robot

Stickman Robot is a smart acrobatic robot that is easier said than done. Disney Researchers have built a robot with 2 degrees of freedom that uses a gravity-driven pendulum to complete stunts. It uses an IMU and laser range-finder to estimate its state mid-flight. Stickman Robot has 3 links that tuck and untuck to allow it to increase and decrease its rate of spin mid-air.
09:03 - 2019/07/30

MLT-42 Robot: Smart Inspection Robot

MLT-42 Robot is a smart inspection robot that has a compact, waterproof, submersible design. It comes with a 30x optical zoom camera and 360-degree pan & tilt functionality. MLT-42 Robot can simply inspect in places not comfortable humans.
08:55 - 2019/07/29

Faros Robot: Smart Wall Climbing Robot

Faros Robot is a smart wall climbing robot that can land and climb on walls. It can be used to for structural health monitoring and other complex missions. The below video shows how Faros can move on a brick wall. These types of drones can be quite useful in monitoring and finding fires and other hazards.
08:43 - 2019/07/28

Artas Robot: Robotic Hair Restoration

Artas Robot is a robotic hair restoration that promises to serve as a safer, faster hair transplant system. It can extract hair follicles with precision and accuracy of more than 95%. This robot is useful for a minimally invasive procedure with no linear scars and no stitches.
08:56 - 2019/07/27

LEMUR Robot: Smart Rock Climbing

LEMUR Robot is a smart rock climbing that AI chose its own route, and it used the hundreds of tiny fishhooks embedded in each of its 16 fingers to climb up. All while its science instruments scanned the rock for ancient fossils. LEMUR was able to climb up to its goal and find fossilized balls of algae, which once inhabited the sea that used to be in the area.
08:42 - 2019/07/24

BeeWi Robot: Smart Racing Robot

BeeWi Robot is a smart racing robot that you can control from your smartphone to race, play football, or sumo. You can move these tiny robots in all directions at a variable speed. The device has a range of 30 feet. It works with iOS, Android, and Windows robots. The BT Athlete robot is easy to set up and fun to play with.