Robotic News:

08:41 - 2019/09/07

Draco Robot: Smart Two-Wheeled Robot

Draco Robot is a smart two-wheeled robot that has a similar range of motion than an adult human regarding leg and hip motions. DRACO has ten actuated DOFs including three for the hip structure, one for the knee and one for the ankle. Unlike many humanoid robots, it does not have ankle roll actuation. This allows to significantly reduce distal mass and therefore enhance swing speed motion.
09:08 - 2019/09/04

Saira Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

Saira Robot is a smart assistant robot that can greet and interact with your guests. It can provide them with useful information and answer their questions. Saira has a touchscreen interface for easy interaction. The robot can be used to help out customers or entertain kids.
08:53 - 2019/09/03

Stacker-Bot Robot: Smart Warehouse Robot

Stacker-Bot Robot is a smart warehouse robot that an autonomous mobile robot for warehouses and distribution centers that can retrieve up to 5 cases each trip. Once up to five totes or cartons have been retrieved in the Stacker-Bot, it is directed via the WMS/WES software host the exact locations required to place the inventory. The rack, shelf level and shelf location for ...
09:00 - 2019/09/02

Geco Robot: Smart Wall Climbing Robot

Geco Robot is a smart wall climbing robot that moves on flat surfaces and has a LED strip to stay visible in the dark. The simple-to-design Geco robot can have a great deal of flexibility in climbing up a vertical wall, while still displaying a complex form of motion that gives the robot a special edge.
08:55 - 2019/09/01

Angsa Robot: Smart Trash Picking Robot

Angsa Robot is a smart trash picking robot that is a fully autonomous trash picking robot that can pick up cigarette butts and other small trash automatically. The Angsa is solar powered autonomous robot that uses a camera and AI to recognize and pick up trash.
08:44 - 2019/08/31

Limodo Robot: Smart Window Cleaning Robot

Limodo Robot is a smart window cleaning robot that saves you time at home. It comes with path & edge detection, suction, and a hook anti-fall system for safety. It has a 30-minute backup battery too. You can control this window cleaner from your iOS or Android device.
09:00 - 2019/08/28

CoSTAR Robot: Smart Explorer Robot

CoSTAR Robot is a smart explorer robot that used for search & rescue missions. In the future, they will be used to autonomously explore pits, caves, and subsurface terrains on this planet and others in our solar system. Team CoSTAR is working on autonomous subsurface explorers. The idea is to use these robots for both planetary exploration and terrestrial applications.
09:07 - 2019/08/27

Alphred2 Robot: Smart Four-Wheeled Robot

Alphred2 Robot is a smart four-wheeled robot that is a multi-modal robot that use four limbs to traverse and manipulate the world around it. Alphred2 is designed with symmetry in mind, so any limb can be used for any task. Because of this, Alphred2 is capable of operating across a variety of terrains in both a quadrupedal (4 legs) form and bipedal (2 legs) form. In its bipedal form, ...
09:03 - 2019/08/26

iPong V300 Robot: Smart Ping Pong Robot

iPong V300 Robot is a smart ping pong robot that is a lot of fun to play but you will need a partner to practice. The iPong V300 is a table tennis robot with adjustable ball frequency, side-to-side oscillation, and top/back spin speed that can give you plenty of practice. It holds over 100 balls and can shoot 70 balls per minute.
08:55 - 2019/08/25

Trident Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

Trident Robot is a smart underwater robot that an underwater drone that lets you record, stream, and share live video to your Android phone from 100m deep. It has a tough design and is small enough to fit in a backpack. This robot sends live video to the surface over an ultra-thin kevlar-reinforced tether. It has a scratch-proof sapphire lens and rugged motors. Trident is open source and supports custom sensors and modules.