Robotic News:

07:19 - 2019/01/06

Celluveyor Robot: Smart Modular Robot

Celluveyor Robot is a smart modular robot that system consists several small hexagonal modules. These modules contain omnidirectional wheels, which are individually and selectively controlled by an electric motor. The special arrangement of the wheels as well as the selective control of the drives enables the logistics operator to move and to position several objects simultaneously and independently on any track.
08:40 - 2019/01/05

RoboTerp Robot: Smart Amphibious Robot

RoboTerp Robot is a smart amphibious robot that uses the same legs by switching gaits to match the terrain. The robot has a passive compliant mechanism attached to the lower leg that enables it to behave like a valve during movement in water. The direction of this valve-like mechanism is placed in such a manner that rhythmic oscillations of the legs generate a net thrust that propels the robot forward in water.
08:45 - 2019/01/02

Anatroller ARI-100 Robot: Smart Track Robot

Anatroller ARI-100 Robot is a smart track robot that The rover can clean all corners of the duct without ever having to manually adjust the length of the brush, leaving a quality job behind it every time. It is designed with a modular shape-shifting technology, and is light-weight, durable, resilient, adaptable and easy to control.
08:24 - 2019/01/01

SLABot Robot: Soft Elastic Robot

SLABot Robot is a soft elastic robot that goal is to discover the simplest geometry and actuator arrangement that will produce complex behavior for movement through unstructured environments. SLABot is constructed of a slab of cast, open-cell, polyurethane foam. Motor-tendon actuators are arranged in a specific orientation to produce forward locomotion and steering.
08:46 - 2018/12/31

T7 Robot: Smart Bomb Disposal Robot

T7 Robot is a smart bomb disposal robot provides best-in-class mobility, manipulation, and intuitive control, delivering uncompromised performance. Based on the inputs of hundreds of users, Harris has developed the T7 robot from the ground up to support the demanding requirements of commercial and military missions, including hazardous materials (HAZMAT) cleanup, ...
08:45 - 2018/12/30

Z6 Robot: Smart Foldable Robot

Z6 Robot is a smart foldable robot that is controlled remotely using a joystick controller with integrated monitor, making it a good fit for urgent site inspections, exploration, search and rescue, and more. Z6 Robot has a built-in camera for live streaming video, is able to climb stairs and move over other obstacles, can roll over and right itself if it gets flipped, is able to ...
08:21 - 2018/12/29

Hexotrac Robot: Smart Rehabilitation Robot

Hexotrac Robot is a smart rehabilitation robot that the highly under-actuated mechanism permits application of a bidirectional feedback force at the fingertips. The hand exoskeleton fits a large range of hand sizes and requires no mechanical alignment between the linkage and the fingers, whatsoever.
19:30 - 2018/12/24

SRobot 2119 Robot: Smart Social Robot

SRobot 2119 Robot is a smart social robot that specially designed for application in crowded area which need high level of human-robot interactions. SRobot 2119 a fully modular and the operation of base and body are fully separated. The robot navigation and mapping systems are embedded in the base part which makes the base applicable without body.
08:39 - 2018/12/23

Drive Unit Robot: Smart Warehouse Keeper

Drive Unit Robot is a smart warehouse keeper that slowly traverses the floor reading 2D QR/Datamatrix codes every 40″ and takes commands from it’s brain in the cloud before making any movements. When it gets to a pod, the bot uses a lift mechanism, spinning in place to raise a ball-screw that lifts the pod a few inches off the ground.
08:41 - 2018/12/22

Haru Robot: Smart Social Robot

Haru Robot is a smart social robot that design incorporates, two eyes with LCD screens, LED rim and movement capability, an LED matrix mouth plus the ability to work with a range of movements, voice and sound effects. Each of these elements provides fertile research ground for developing an expressive and emotive multi-modal communication system between Haru and its user.