Robotic News:

08:24 - 2019/10/08

Furby Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Furby Robot is a smart entertainment robot that is a furry toy robot resembling an owl—or is it a hamster? It can make different facial expressions, speak hundreds of words (in its own language, Furbish), and shriek incessantly. It resembles a hamster or owl-like creature and went through a period of being a "must-have" toy following its holiday season launch, with continual sales until 2000.
08:42 - 2019/10/07

Ekso Robot: Smart Exoskeleton Robot

Ekso Robot is a smart exoskeleton robot that is a powered hip-knee medical rehabilitation exoskeleton developed by Ekso Bionics. This is the first exoskeleton to be approved by the FDA for those recovering from a stroke. It is also approved for use with individuals with spinal cord injury. In 2016 there are a little under 200 Ekso GT™ units used all over the world. Protocols on best ...
08:49 - 2019/10/06

Kojiro Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

Kojiro Robot is a smart humanoid robot that a humanoid with a musculoskeletal system that mimics how the human body works to generate motion. The goal is to build a robot that is light and agile, capable of moving much as people do. Kojiro robot with a body that mimics the way human skeleton, muscles, and tendons work to generate motion. While Kojiro uses DC motors, it uses them to ...
08:39 - 2019/10/05

Burger Bot Robot: Smart Making Hamburger

Burger Bot Robot is a smart making hamburger that can make gourmet burger without human intervention. It prepares the bun, adds fresh vegetables, sprinkles cheese and seasonings, and cooks the meat. These are not ordinary burgers. They are designed with the help of local chefs.
09:02 - 2019/10/02

SEMMI Robot: Smart Service Robot

SEMMI Robot is a smart service robot that a service robot designed to assist travelers at Berlin’s central station. It runs a voice assistant software and can help travelers in different languages. SEMMI stands for "Socio-Empathetic Human-Machine Interaction". SEMMI gets its knowledge from DB developers. In future, the digital assistant will be available for use by customer ...
08:48 - 2019/10/01

Dishcraft Daily Robot: Smart Dishwashing Robot

Dishcraft Daily Robot is a smart dishwashing robot that covered a bunch of them that can flip burgers, prepare pizzas, bake bread, and serve coffee. Dishcraft Robotics is building robots to automate dishwashing for food businesses. Their system cleans each dish using a rotating scrubber head. These machines inspect each dish in a fraction of a second to detect any ...
08:38 - 2019/09/30

T-RHex Robot: Smart Military Robot

T-RHex Robot is a smart military robot that can climb steep slopes and grip onto rough surfaces. The T-RHex has microspines on its feet to grip onto bricks, concrete, and other surfaces. T-RHex Robot is augmented with microspine feet that make it ideal for climbing natural surfaces. These microspine feet use dozens of tiny hooks to catch onto ...
08:52 - 2019/09/29

Hobot-298 Robot: Window Cleaning Robot

Hobot-298 Robot is a window cleaning robot that is a smart window cleaning robot with an ultrasonic water spray and smartphone control. It can work on any glass 3mm thick or more. The HOBOT-298 converts water into 15 micrometer dense mist to get the job done. It can cover a 40m2 area on a full tank. You can monitor the robot from the HOBOT iOS/Android app.
08:49 - 2019/09/28

inVia Robot: Smart Warehouse Robot

inVia Robot is a smart warehouse robot that a robotic picker that can carry anything under forty pounds. It serves as an automated storage and retrieval machine in warehouses. The inVia Picker does all the walking for you, so businesses can focus on better serving their customers. These robots perform repeatable, boring tasks and cut cost per pick in half, if not more.
08:47 - 2019/09/25

Vera Robot: Smart Truck Robot

Vera Robot is a smart truck robot that an autonomous electric vehicle that can optimize delivery and transportation for businesses. These machines can analyze what is happening with other road users and respond with high accuracy. Vera doesn’t make a whole lot of noise and comes connected to a control center for continuous monitoring.