Robotic News:

08:34 - 2019/08/24

Rollbot Robot: Smart Self-Folding Robot

Rollbot Robot is a smart self-folding robot that The researchers turned to origami to create multi-functional soft robots. Through sequential folds, origami can encode multiple shapes and functionalities in a single structure. Using materials known as liquid crystal elastomers that change shape when exposed to heat, the research team 3D-printed two types of soft hinges that fold at ...
08:43 - 2019/08/21

AlienGo Robot: Smart Four-Wheeled Robot

AlienGo Robot is a smart four-wheeled robot that can be remotely controlled, it can additionally operate autonomously if equipped with cameras, GPS, LiDAR or other sensors. Whatever the case, it's able to automatically adjust its yaw, pitch and roll, maintaining stability as the terrain shifts, or even as unhelpful individuals try to knock it over.
08:44 - 2019/08/19

Arque Robot: Smart Tail Robot

Arque Robot is a smart tail robot that the grey one-meter device mimics tails such as those of cheetahs and other animals used to keep their balance while running and climbing, according to the Keio team. The robotic tail, which uses four artificial muscles and compressed air to move in eight directions, will remain in the lab for now, however, as researchers look for ways to ...
08:37 - 2019/08/18

Astro Robot: Smart Dog Robot

Astro Robot is a smart dog robot that not only looks like a dog; he learns like one too. That's because he doesn't operate based on preprogrammed robotic automation. Instead, Astro is being trained using inputs to a deep neural network—a computerized simulation of a brain—so that he can learn from experience to perform human-like tasks, or on his case, "doggie-like" tasks, that benefit humanity.
08:50 - 2019/08/17

OT-2 Robot: Lab Automation Robotic

OT-2 Robot is a lab automation robotic that can automate life science protocols and produce results accurately. It relies on electronic pipettes to transfer liquids fast and accurately. The robot comes with a graphical user interface. It also has swappable modules (magnetic & temperature). The OT-2 Pipetting Robot comes with WiFi. It can fill a 96-well plate in 20 seconds.
08:38 - 2019/08/14

Aquanaut Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

Aquanaut Robot is a smart underwater robot that transforms from a submarine into a half-humanoid with two arms to take on tasks under water. The Aquanaut by Houston Mechatronics has sensors to gather data. In submarine mode, it cruises long distances to get to its destination.
08:44 - 2019/08/13

SEER Robot: Smart Face Robot

SEER Robot is a smart face robot that can maintain eye contact and imitate your facial expressions. The Simulative Emotional Expression Robot has two modes. It uses a camera to recognize and track facial features. The robot can mirror eyebrow/eyelid/head movements.
08:47 - 2019/08/11

Axsis Robot: Smart Surgery Robot

Axsis Robot is a smart surgery robot that can perform cataract surgery. It measures 1.8mm in diameter and has 2 robotic arms to allow surgeons to perform telesurgery. Sensing algorithms minimize human error. Unlike other surgical robots, Axsis has a compact body.
08:37 - 2019/08/10

TJBot Robot: Smart Robotic Kit

TJBot Robot is a smart robotic kit that you will need a 3D printed or laser cut robot body, a Raspberry Pi and a variety of add-ons to get started, including: a RGB LED light, a microphone, speaker, servo motor, wires, USB cable, and a camera. Make your own TJBot with your own parts or order a kit.
08:56 - 2019/08/07

Beetl Robot: Smart Four Wheeled Robot

Beetl Robot is a smart four wheeled robot that a dog poop picking robot that uses machine learning, AI, and cloud connectivity to locate and pick up dog waste, so you don’t have to. Beetl Robot is smart enough to get around obstacles.