Robotic News:

09:06 - 2019/02/05

UR10 Robot: Smart Robotic Arm

UR10 Robot is a smart robotic arm that is our largest collaborative industrial robot arm, designed for bigger tasks where precision and reliability are still of paramount importance. According to the press release, this new collaborative robot platform is intended to enable faster development for a wider variety of applications than the standard line. Improvements include greater precision ...
09:17 - 2019/02/04

Pando Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Pando Robot is a smart entertainment robot that a cute mini humanoid robot with rich body actions and facial expressions that keeps your kids entertained and teaches them a thing or two about technology. It comes with an intuitive programming UI for new actions. Pando has an IR sensing module and advanced algorithm to avoid obstacles and follow your gesture commands.
09:19 - 2019/02/03

Little Sophia Robot: Smart Woman Robot

Little Sophia Robot is a smart woman robot that gotten a lot of coverage in the media over the past couple of years. Little Sophia by Hanson Robotics is a 14″ version of it that you can bring home to introduce your kids to technology and coding. This cute little robot girl has various facial expressions, face tracking, and programmable features.
09:27 - 2019/02/02

DRK8080 Robot: Smart WiFi Robot

DRK8080 Robot is a smart wifi robot that a mobile development platform with 7 degrees of freedom. It can pan and tilt its eyes and neck. Its eye cover and mouth can open and close independently. This WiFi robot comes with sensor, camera, and audio modules. DRK8080 Robot is ready for developers. It can prove useful for remote sensing, voice recognition, object recognition, image processing, and other robotics projects.
09:34 - 2019/01/30

Roboming Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

Roboming Robot is a smart assistant robot that can monitor your home, keep your pets entertained, and execute your commands. You can interact with it using your voice or an app. Roboming Fellow uses a scanner and sensors to map your home and avoid obstacles. It recognizes and follows you. Fellow can carry up to 7lbs of load. It can bring you a cup of tea or simply monitor your home.
13:44 - 2019/01/29

Stan Robot: Smart Parking Robot

Stan Robot is a smart parking robot that parking facilities don't have to allow driving lanes every two rows of cars, because the robots can easily move cars about to get to other ones. The doors don't have to open, so they can be closer together sideways as well. No people are allowed in, so security is terrific and there's no need for special walkways. The resulting system makes excellent use of space, ...
09:17 - 2019/01/28

Walker Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

Walker Robot is a smart humanoid robot that is supposed to be a “complete home butler,” which mostly means it can patrol your home, act as a calendar and email assistant, and play a slow game of soccer with your kids. It has a smooth, quiet gait, which Ubtech credits to its homegrown digital servos. I watched Walker do a little dance, chase a soccer ball, and descend stairs.
09:18 - 2019/01/27

Lovot Robot: Smart Feeling Robot

Lovot Robot is a smart feeling robot that does not have life, but being with one is comforting and warm,” said Kaname Hayashi, president of Groove X and leader of the development team that created Pepper, the semi-humanoid robot from SoftBank Robotics. “We want people to see that though something may seem useless at first glance, it serves a meaningful function in other ways.
09:26 - 2019/01/26

Liku Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Liku Robot is a smart entertainment robot that another emotional companion robot that gets to know its owner over time. Its forehead camera allows it to recognize its owner’s mood, signaling it to react with a corresponding behavior. If you enter the room and greet Liku, it will turn its head toward you, make eye contact, and offer a smile in return. Its expressive eyes can convey at least five emotions, including ...
09:18 - 2019/01/23

OroBot Robot: Smart Salamander Robot

OroBot Robot is a smart salamander robot that Using computer simulations, re-created skeletons, fossil track-ways and a walking robot dubbed the OroBOT, scientists found that this ancient four-footed creature had a surprisingly efficient gait. The result suggests that developing a more advanced way of walking may not have been as closely linked to the later diversification of tetra-pods as once thought, ...