Guardian LF1 Robot: Smart Underwater Robot


Guardian LF1 Robot, Guardian LF1

Guardian LF1 Robot is a smart underwater robot that device is driven by a controller similar to a gaming controller, and is very user-friendly and lightweight at about 20 pounds. This device is special because it is the first to reach, stun, and capture lionfish that are found very deep below safe depths for diving. At this depth, lionfish reproduce quickly and unchecked by any predators - causing havoc for reefs and fish ecosystems. Once captured, the lionfish may be cooked for a tasty meal or sold! 

Specifications (Guardian LF1 Robot)

1) 6-Degree of Freedom Navigation System – 8 thruster array for total motion control, allowing complex hunting maneuvers and stabilization of undersea currents.

2) Stunning Panels – Low, controlled voltage temporarily stuns the lionfish long enough to be captured.

3) Electronics Enclosure – Pressure vessel containing open source microcontroller, autopilot module, communication node, motor controllers, and main camera. This vessel also contains the system's sensors including leak detection, depth, and 3-DOF gyro.

4) Surface Tether – 100m tether for control and communication with surface power.

5) Power Enclosure – Module containing on-board batteries, or an adapter for surface power and tether.

6) Capture System – A thruster captures and holds lionfish in the chamber. This chamber holds up to 50lbs of lionfish to make each diving session impactful.

7) Main Body – The robot body is 8” in diameter and allows for agile underwater movement.


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: RSE

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