Emiew 3 Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot


Emiew 3 Robot is a smart entertainment robot that enhanced degree of autonomy based on EMIEW and EMIEW 2. A "remote brain" consisting of control functions deployed on the cloud and a robot monitoring system, forms the robotics IT platform, which combined with EMIEW 3, enables support in customer and guidance services. It is becoming increasingly difficult for one person to manage various service situations as the digital divide continues to widen with the advent of enhanced services leveraging IT and communications issues arise with increasing globalization and diversification of lifestyles. EMIEW3 serves as reliable helper in such situations, responding to any question with a broad as well as deep knowledge of its assigned territory, thus contributing to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Specifications (Emiew 3 Robot)

Weight 15 kg
Height 90 cm
Speed 6 km/h
Actuators 21 DC Motors
DOF 23
Operation Time 3 hrs


  • Country: Japan 
  • Company: Hitachi

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