Robotic News:

07:35 - 2017/04/30

THeMIS Robot: A Transformer Robot

The modern battlefield requires soldiers who are able to adapt quickly to any mission and as robots join them, they'll have to do the same. At the Singapore Airshow 2016 this week, Estonian defense company Milrem took the wraps off its robotic Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System (THeMIS) – a compact battlewagon billed as the "first-of-its-kind modular hybrid Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)" that acts as a multi-mission vehicle platform to assist or replace soldiers on the battlefield.
15:41 - 2017/04/29

Ocean One Robot: Humanoid Diving Robot

a bimanual underwater humanoid robot with haptic feedback allows human pilots an unprecedented ability to explore the depths of the oceans in high fidelity. In collaboration with DRASSM, Ocean One embarked on the Andre Malraux to explore the wreck of La Lune, 100 meters below the Mediterranean.
11:43 - 2017/04/29

H-MEX Robot: Robotic Human Exoskeleton

The H-MEX or Hyundai Medical EXoskeleton was revealed by one of the largest car manufacturers at CES 2017. Unlike previous exoskeletons, Hyundai has expressed a desire to commercialize this wearable robot. This lower body powered exoskeleton comes in two variations, H-MEX for users with lower spinal cord injury and HUMA (Hyundai Universal Medical Assist) for walking assistance for those with limited muscular power.
08:58 - 2017/04/29

PowerRay Robot: Underwater Robot

As the world leader in UAV technologies, PowerVision Technology Group has announced its latest innovative underwater robot, PowerRay. It’s an underwater drone equipped with ground breaking features to revolutionize your recreational fishing wherever you are, freshwater, saltwater, or ice fishing.
07:23 - 2017/04/29

Tally Robot: The Robot That Knows What's on Store Shelves

Simbe Robotics (Simbe stands for Simulated Being) has built just that. It's called Tally, and it can traverse a shop's aisles for eight to 12 hours on a single charge, counting and checking up to 20,000 individual stock keeping units (SKUs) with greater than 96 percent accuracy.
10:21 - 2017/04/28

Pibot Robot: Pilot Robot

It might be not long from now that robots will be flying planes. A tiny humanoid robot proved that when he successfully completed a take-off, a short flight and a landing in a flight simulator. Going by the name PIBOT, the robot knows how to use each button and switch that can be found in a real cockpit of an ordinary civilian aircraft.
14:13 - 2017/04/26

Mab Robot: An Automated Cleaning System

It's perfect for busy people who never have the time to clean their house. It features hundreds of micro robots (908 robots to be exact) that will fly around the house and clean every surfaces so that you can escape from everyday chores while experiencing a bit of magic. Each robot generates its own energy thanks to solar panels on its wings.
12:28 - 2017/04/26

K5 Robot: Security Robot

When a roving security robot called the K5 was unveiled late last week by a Silicon Valley startup called Knightscope, the company went a little nuts with its monikers. The press release described the machine as "R2-D2 meets Robocop." But Knightscope founder and CEO William Li said he prefers "R2-D2 meets Batman."
13:53 - 2017/04/24

Rollin Justin Robot: Catches Balls

one of the world’s most advanced robots, has gone one better - by catching a ball thrown at him. Justin followed it with his ‘eyes’ and moved his arm down to grab it when a researcher threw it in his direction. He then impressed his makers even more by catching two balls thrown at him at once.
11:27 - 2017/04/24

Kuratas Robot: Heavy Industry Robot

Kuratas is a rideable and user-operated mecha built by the Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry. Billed as "the world's first giant boarding robot, the Kuratas was unveiled when the website was opened in 2012. It was demonstrated at Wonder Festival. In June 2015, MegaBots challenged Suidobashi Heavy Industry to its first robot duel confronting Kuratas versus their Mark II.