Robotic News:

15:13 - 2017/04/17

Spencer Robot: Guide Passengers Robot

After three years of building and programming, the first tests using guide robot Spencer were successfully conducted at Schiphol airport this month. The test phase was completed last week. Spencer, developed in cooperation with the University of Twente, has guided KLM passengers to the right gate at Schiphol airport for the first time. The robot has access to detailed maps of the airport and laser eyes that allow it to measure distances for example.
08:34 - 2017/04/17

Riley Robot: Mobilized Home Monitoring Robot

Riley, a Smarter Robot With the best in smart robotics technology, Riley allows you to bring your home with you whether you’re away on business or just running a brief errand. Riley can monitor the house for hours whether during the day or during shut eye. Never feel like you forgot to lock the door on the way out because Riley’s got your back.
07:50 - 2017/04/17

Smartbe Robot: Intelligent Stroller Robot

It's the first intelligent baby stroller of the new generation. Smartbe is a revolutionary concept as regards design and functionality that solves real parents and baby needs. Smartbe applies state of the art technology through innovative, minimalist and safe design.
16:45 - 2017/04/16

BIG-i Robot: Social Home Robot

It's a natural-interaction robot with mobility, 3D vision, voice programming, and active perception. It can manage smart appliances to suit your needs. BIG-i can act as the bridge between family members. It will improve itself, becoming more and more thoughtful and intelligent through your instructions. Even when you are away, BIG-i will still take care of your loved ones.
11:46 - 2017/04/16

Guzzilla Robot: Tanker Robot

Meet the Super Guzzilla: a tanker robot that weighs over 15 tons and stands up to 5 meters. It has an aluminum body and industrial cutter and crusher hands. The robot is developed by Taguchi.
08:22 - 2017/04/16

Fleye Robot: Personal Flying Robot

The Fleye is claimed to be the world's safest drone. It may look like a flying soccer ball, but its shape is designed to keep all the moving parts well out of harm's way and make it a bit more resistant to crash damage. It's not just design that sets the Fleye apart though.
07:30 - 2017/04/16

Hello Egg Robot: The Smart Kitchen Assistant

Back in October of 2016, a product from RnD64 was revealed and it came in the form of Hello Egg. The product was basically a smart kitchen assistant with a display which would help you automate your food routines. Fast forward to this week, the tech startup unveiled its Eggspert app at CES 2017, the tech trade show being held in Las Vegas throughout the week.
16:44 - 2017/04/15

InMoov Robot: Humanoid Robot

Now that 3D printing technology is taking off, some truly unique projects are beginning to emerge from all sorts of talented people. Take Gael Langevin, a French sculptor and model marker who has spent the better part of the last year designing and engineering his own animatronic robot called InMoov. And it's open source, so if you're feeling confident, you can try to build one yourself using a list of off-the-shelf electronics and parts he shares on 3D file sharing site Thingiverse.
11:59 - 2017/04/15

Droplet Robot: Smart Sprinkler Robot

There's a new helper robot for homes called Droplet, but it has no intention of usurping Roomba's territory -- in fact, you can think of it as a Roomba for your garden. It's probably not capable of killing snakes like its badass indoor counterpart, but it can care for your plants without input.
10:58 - 2017/04/15

Deebot D79 Robot: Automatic Floor Cleaning Robot

Not merely a cradle for topping off the Deebot D79's rechargeable battery, the dock operates as a vacuum in its own right. Ecovacs claims the mechanism kicks into action each time the Deebot returns from a cleaning mission and will suck the robot's dustbin clear automatically. The two major upsides of this design approach are you don't get your hands dirty emptying trays into the trash, and the robot is always ready for tidying duty. Of course, the dock itself will need to be emptied periodically.