Robotic News:

07:28 - 2017/05/07

MekaMon Robot: Spider Robot

MekaMon, the product of startup Reach Robotics, is in many ways the embodiment of battle robot fanatics’ dreams: a fully articulated, remote-controlled robot that engages enemies in combat. Unlike the robots on TV, though, the “losers” of battles escaped unscathed. And combat’s just the start of what they’re capable of.
13:52 - 2017/05/06

Sophia Robot: Lifelike Humanoid Robot

Sophia defies conventional thinking of what a robot should look like. Designed to look like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia embodies Hepburn’s classic beauty: porcelain skin, a slender nose, high cheekbones, an intriguing smile, and deeply expressive eyes that seem to change color with the light. If ever there were a robot with a simple elegance people can’t help but appreciate, it would be Sophia.
11:38 - 2017/05/06

Salto Robot: Berkeley's Leaping Robot

Robotics at UC Berkeley have designed a small robot that can leap into the air and then spring off a wall, or perform multiple vertical jumps in a row, resulting in the highest robotic vertical jumping agility ever recorded. The agility of the robot opens new pathways of locomotion that were not previously attainable. The researchers hope that one day this robot and other vertically agile robots can be used to jump around rubble in search and rescue missions.
09:47 - 2017/05/06

PowerEgg Robot: Camera Drone

Powervision Robot Inc., has announced their first consumer drone, the “PowerEgg,”. The drone sports an innovative egg shape which, according to Powervision, is aesthetically different and especially easy to to fold and transport. The drone, which is expected to be available in early Q2 of 2016, can be easily carried in a backpack.
07:28 - 2017/05/06

Zenbo Robot: A Ridiculous Home Robot

Meet Zenbo, a new robot friend for seniors, kids, and anybody else who wants to invite a less cute, real-world version of BB-8 into their own home. Asus chairman Jonney Shih showed off Zenbo on stage at Computex today, describing the robot as a smart home manager, security guard, hands-free kitchen assistant, and family photographer.
15:46 - 2017/05/04

Hub Robot: Home Robot

The Amazon Echo doesn’t have it, nor does the Google Home. But the LG Hub Robot boasts a screen. The voice-activated assistant, on display at CES 2017, is a little robot that has blinking eyes and changes its face based on what program is running. It’s actually quite cute, and sort of looks a bit like an electronic Russian nesting doll.
13:43 - 2017/05/04

Cassie Robot: The Ostrich Bot

Bipedal robots are one of the most intensely researched areas of mechanical engineering, and while it’s a notoriously difficult problem, there’s no shortage of material from which to draw inspiration. Cassie, a new robot from Agility Robotics, is a great example of that: its stable yet precise gait and was based on that of birds — specifically, ostriches.
11:51 - 2017/05/03

Tapia Robot: Communication Robot

Whether you are looking for a digital assistant or friend, Tapia AI Robot Companion is a welcome addition to your home with his adorable eyes. Tapia recognizes human voices and actions, along with names and personal details such as birthdays, and loves to chat and learn new things.
09:20 - 2017/05/03

RoboThespian: Humanoid Robot

It's a life sized humanoid robot designed for human interaction in a public environment. It is fully interactive, multilingual, and user-friendly, making it a perfect device with which to communicate and entertain.
07:25 - 2017/05/03

Socibot Robot: A Spooky Robot That Wears Any Face

It's a very sociable robot,primarily designed for human-robot interaction with the ability to detect faces, features, emotions, speech and gestures. It also makes use of projective technology coupled with facial generation via parametric meshes to bring any character or image to life, in full 3D form.