Tapia Robot: Communication Robot


Whether you are looking for a digital assistant or friend, Tapia AI Robot Companion is a welcome addition to your home with his adorable eyes. Tapia recognizes human voices and actions, along with names and personal details such as birthdays, and loves to chat and learn new things. Tapia can pick up on how your voice sounds and adapt accordingly. Had a hard day at the office? Tapia will help put you at ease by playing music. The egg-like creation also can act as an assistant of sorts, helping to make phone calls, tell you the weather and even ordering something online. The cute Tapia is also here to protect people. If the designated user is absent for a certain period of time, Tapia notifies other family members, allowing them to check in on them. This is ideal for older users, especially those living on their own.


Dimension 210×210 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Height 24.5 cm
Display 5 inches
Camera 5 mp
Battery Capacity 10400 mAh


  • Country: Japan 
  • Company: MJI

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