MekaMon Robot: Spider Robot


Though not quite as destructive as MegaBots, or as humbling as Boston Dynamics, Reach Robotics’ MekaMon might just be the most fun and accessible robot on the market. Leveraging augmented reality, anyone interested in a good time can whip out their smartphone to battle their bots in the physical and virtual worlds at the same time. Quite a bit of technology goes into the four-legged robots to take them from futuristic art pieces to agile fighters. MekaMon uses the camera on our smartphones to identify and track itself through an accompanying app. The app serves as the control center for steering the bots and firing weapons. Battles begin on a mat that is approximately two feet by three feet. From this point on, the bots can go anywhere — including hiding behind furniture while attempting to outmaneuver each another. The robots are shipping with both single- and multi-player modes. A single-player campaign tests players through a series of challenges that let them earn upgrades. Multi-player options include traditional combat between robots, as well as specialty modes like Tug of War and Last Man Standing.


Weight 997.9 gr
Operation Time 4 hr
Battery 1200 mAh
Degrees of Freedom 12
Height 25 cm


  • Country: England 
  • Company: Reach Robotics

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