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Hello Egg Robot: Back in October of 2016, a product from RnD64 was revealed and it came in the form of Hello Egg. The product was basically a smart kitchen assistant with a display which would help you automate your food routines. Fast forward to this week, the tech startup unveiled its Eggspert app at CES 2017, the tech trade show being held in Las Vegas throughout the week. So, what is Eggspert? Eggspert is essentially an application which is available on mobile and on the web, and it is meant to work with Hello Egg. RnD64 mentions that when Eggspert is coupled with the smart kitchen assistant, it will become the ‘ultimate kitchen solution’. Hello Egg is a smart kitchen assistant which is able to listen to commands as well as perform tasks with the help of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) built into it. For example, Hello Egg is able to look after your pantry by keeping tabs on its content and it is also able to organize a shopping list for you, and it will be based on your diet. Other than that, it can perform simple tasks which most smart assistants such as Google Assistant, are able to do. This includes music streaming, giving the latest news and weather forecasts. It also can perform more complicated tasks such as planning your meals based on your dietary preferences, and also adjust to unpredictable events. For it to truly become a smart kitchen assistant, it will need to actually supervise your cooking, and it does just that, by providing video recipes which come with step-by-step instructions. If you run into any complications with your Hello Egg, you can contact the support team, which according to RnD64, is available 24/7. The main purpose of Hello Egg, is to reintroduce home cooking to every millennial’s life by making all aspects involved in cooking such as meal planning and shopping for ingredients, smart and more flexible. This comes after research revealed that 92 percent of Americans aged 25-34 agree that home cooking is healthier compared to eating out. The research also showed that a large chunk of people who were asked (about 60%) as to why they don’t cook at home, the reason was because they didn’t have enough time to do so. When it comes to pricing and availability, Hello Egg will be available for pre-order soon, though the price is not mentioned on its official site. You will also have to register your e-mail to receive the latest news regarding the product. The smart assistant starts shipping in the first quarter of 2017 and can be pre-ordered from HelloEgg.net.


Weight 1.31 kg
Height 19.81 cm
Display 5.5 inch


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: RnD64

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