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Inmoov Robot, Inmoov

InMoov Robot: Thingiverse user hairygael has been working on building robot InMoov since early 2012. He began with building up a right hand, which was designed in Blender and printed on a 3D Touch in ABS. After many times of design and redesign, hairygael has made a lot of progress. Step by step he added shoulder, head, brain and voice command to the robot InMoov. InMoov is designed to be a robot you can 3D print and animate. If you have 3D printer and some building skills, you can follow hairygael's steps to build up your own. "Working as a sculptor modelmaker for Factices Ateliers, in the real physical world, this is my contribution to the OpenSource 3D world." noted hairygael.


Weight 4.28 kg
Degrees of Freedom 27
Servos 28
Power Source 6V 44A


  • Country: France 
  • Company: Gael Langevin

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