Riley Robot: Mobilized Home Monitoring Robot


Riley is a mobile home security camera built on a grippy belt that can propel him across carpets, floors, and mild terrain. He can handle anything, except stairs. Equipped with night vision, HD video (720p), digital zoom, two-way audio, motion sensors, and controlled by a mobile app (iOS and Android), he can be your eyes and ears when you’re away from home. If Riley detects motion, he will send you a text message and save the image to his onboard memory. He can save up to five 10 second video clips. Better than nothing, but not impressive. It’s not a great deal of storage and there is no way to buy more storage if needed. And then there are unanswered questions… What happens when he reaches his storage limit? What happens if a burglar finds and destroys the device? If that happens is the footage dead too? For those answers, I reached out to the Appbot team, According to Riley Support,

" When it reaches capacity, the newest recording will replace the oldest video on there. There will be (the) ability to download the video onto your smart device that way you can save the recording. "

From there we can deduct that if a burglar finds and destroys Riley, the footage will be destroyed too, unless you’ve already logged in and saved the footage to your smartphone.


Weight 850 gr
Dimension 160x160x120 mm
Battery 2600 mAh
Operation Time 5 hr


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: iPatrol

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