H-MEX Robot: Robotic Human Exoskeleton


H-MEX Robot, H-MEX, Human Exoskeleton

H-MEX Robot: Hyun said the H-MEX is designed for people with lower spinal cord injuries and will give them the ability to sit down, stand up, move, turn around, and even walk up or down stairs. The device calculates a person's walking pace, the length of their stride, and torso tilting angle to provide "individually tailored gait pattern adjustment," Hyundai explained in a news release. Along with the H-MEX, Hyundai also revealed during its presser two other wearable robots it has in the works: HUMA, short for Hyundai Universal Medical Assist, and H-WEX, AKA Hyundai Waist Exoskeleton. The former is designed for people with "severely limited mobility", like elderly individuals, while the latter provides upper body and hip support for manual labourers. In its press release, Hyundai said the HUMA device, which looks similar to the H-MEX but extends further up a person's back, "provides assisted torque to help those with limited mobility…and ensure they can easily move their bodies." It can support up to 40kg of a wearer's weight and can run at up to 12km/h.


Weight 40 kg
max. Speed 12 km/h


  • Country: South Korea 
  • Company: Hyundai

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marcial 22:30 - 2019/11/07
how much is cost of this robot?
Reply: Hi dear Marcial
we don't know about price of this robot
Good Luck, Sir
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