Kuratas Robot: Heavy Industry Robot


Japan came up with Gandam, a huge robot that, along with his driver, protects the world from all sorts of evil, so it is likely that they would come up with KURATAS, a true to life robot that can be manipulated from a cockpit inside. KURATAS is the creation of a blacksmith iron and steel artist Kogoro Kurata. It was opened to orders in October after two and a half years of tinkering around in the workshop. So just how has demand for KURATAS, which carries a hefty $1.35 million price tag, been?

Kurata said that he first believed KURATAS would actually sell when he received a message from a wealthy Middle Eastern prince on how wonderful Japan is for making this robot. He believed that if he had a product cool enough for a prince to want, there had to be others out there willing to drop a small fortune on the world’s first purchasable mobile suit. And he was right: regardless of the ridiculously high price, more than 3,000 orders have been placed only a month after they announced the robot was on the market.


Weight 4500 kg
Height 4 m
Hydraulic Actuators 30


  • Country: Japan 
  • Company: Japanese Tech

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