Parrot Pot Robot: Smart Connected Flower Pot


Parrot Pot Robot, Parrot Pot

Parrot Pot Robot: The 'Parrot Pot' is heading for global release this year, according the Paris-based company known for drones and in-car communications and audio. Sensors in pots measure light, moisture, temperature, and the level of fertilizer to determine whether plants are getting proper amounts of each to flourish. The pot can hold just over 2 liters of water which provides about a week of water for most plants. It can also switch to water-saving mode to keep a plant alive for three or four weeks. Each pot holds enough water to irrigate a plant for several weeks to a month, depending on the type. If plants need more light or fertilizer, alerts are fired off through free Flower Power app available for mobile devices powered by Apple, Android or Windows software. 


Weight 1.5 kg
Dimension 20.5x31.2 cm
Connection Bluetooth
Built-in Water Tank 2.2 Litres


  • Country: France 
  • Company: Parrot


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