Ballpicker Robot: Robotic Ball Collector


The robotic ball collector collects golf balls on driving ranges. Its advanced technology uses an inbuilt computer to activate 5 groups of 4 discs. This makes it possible to silently, systematically and automatically collect the range balls. Once the ball tank is full, the Ball Picker returns to its base to unload the balls for washing and to recharge its batteries. 

Unrivaled Performance – The Ball Picker can detect the areas with high ball density and will work continuously to collect them. For particularly large outfields, several Ball Pickers can operate simultaneously to collect the golf balls. No golf balls are pressed into the ground during retrieval by the Ball Picker. Therefore the club saves on replacing several thousands of balls every year, which normally remained buried in the ground.


Weight 64.86 kg
Height 50 cm
Collection Capacity 10.000-12.500 per day
Consumption 100 w/h
Working Speed 99.06 cm/sec


  • Country: UK 
  • Company: True Bots

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