Waalbot Robot: Smart Climbing Robot


Waalbot Robot, Waalbot

Waalbot Robot is a smart climbing robot that intended for inspection and surveillance applications and, ultimately, space missions. The robot uses two actuated legs with rotary motion and two passive revolute joints at each foot the robot can climb and steer in any orientation. The Waalbot has on-board power, sensing, computing, and wireless communication which allow for semi-autonomous operation. A gear motor’s output shaft is connected to a triangular shaped leg, where each point of the triangle holds a foot assembly on a revolute ankle joint. The ankle joint is spring loaded to always return to the forward position. On the end of the foot is a passive revolute joint which connects a foot pad that  holds the adhesive material. This distal joint allows the robot to steer. When moving forward, the two legs are synchronized and step in unison. As the motors turn, the tail of the robot presses against the surface and the legs rotate forward. The two feet which are

Specifications (Waalbot Robot)

Weight 100 gr
Height 5 cm
Length 13 cm
Speed 6 cm/s
Motor Sanyo 12GA-N4s


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: Carnegie Mellon

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