RoboTerp Robot: Smart Amphibious Robot


RoboTerp Robot, RoboTerp, Amphibious Robot

RoboTerp Robot is a smart amphibious robot that uses the same legs by switching gaits to match the terrain. The robot has a passive compliant mechanism attached to the lower leg that enables it to behave like a valve during movement in water. The direction of this valve-like mechanism is placed in such a manner that rhythmic oscillations of the legs generate a net thrust that propels the robot forward in water. This leg movement achieves splash-free swimming.

Specifications (RoboTerp Robot)

Weight 1.72 kg
Length 29.2 cm
Width 20 cm
Servos 8
Micro Controller Arduino Mega 2560


  • Country: Ireland 
  • Company: University of Maryland

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