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Celluveyor Robot, Celluveyor, Modular Robot

Celluveyor Robot is a smart modular robot that system consists several small hexagonal modules. These modules contain omnidirectional wheels, which are individually and selectively controlled by an electric motor. The special arrangement of the wheels as well as the selective control of the drives enables the logistics operator to move and to position several objects simultaneously and independently on any track. The Celluveyor covers complex material handling tasks in a minimum of space. If a conveyor module fails during operation, this is detected by the controller. It will be disabled and bypassed by the packages. Thus, a complete failure of the system is prevented. The logistician can replace the defective module in a few minutes and send it for repair.

Specifications (Celluveyor)

Dimensions 15x15 cm
Weight 90 kg
Wheels Omnidirectional
Patent YES


  • Country: Germany 
  • Company: Celluveyor

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