Anatroller ARI-100 Robot: Smart Track Robot


Anatroller ARI-100 Robot, Anatroller ARI-100

Anatroller ARI-100 Robot is a smart track robot that The rover can clean all corners of the duct without ever having to manually adjust the length of the brush, leaving a quality job behind it every time. It is designed with a modular shape-shifting technology, and is light-weight, durable, resilient, adaptable and easy to control. Anatroller ARI-100 Robot is a heavy duty-modular mobile robot with a symmetrical design which allows it to continue operating-after a flip-over. Anatroller ARI-100 is composed of a main module constituting the central body, and a second module rotating around it with an angle varyingfrom -90° to 90° which contains the lighting, camera and air pistol. This module allows therobot to remotely change its shape in order to climb slopes of 45° and obstacles of 5” andmove on rough or uneven terrain. Each module is composed of one block of anodized aluminum, which increases the structural robustness and rigidity of the robot. TheARI-100™ can move using wheels or treks.

Specifications (Anatroller ARI-100 Robot)

Weight 8 kg
Length 29.21 cm
Height 12.7 cm
Payload 50 kg
Power Consumption 300 W
Operating Temperature 0 - 50 °C


  • Country: Canada 
  • Company: Robotics Design

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