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Asimo Robot, Asimo, Asimo humanoid robot

Asimo Robot: Asimo is a Humanoid robots are continually improving and Honda's ASIMO is no different. Honda's first two-legged robot was born in 1986 and since then, subsequent models have become increasingly advanced. Today's newly-announced version is autonomous, intelligent and responsive. An increased understanding of robotics, ability to share knowledge and availability of requisite components have resulted in a proliferation of humanoid robots. Robots like the 3D-printed Poppy and the German Aerospace Center's TORO have been developed relatively recently. Few have the near 30-year heritage of Honda's ASIMO, though. ASIMO was developed out of Honda's desire to create a robot that could help in human society. For that, it needed to be able to move around objects in a room and negotiate stairs and that, in turn, meant it needed two legs. Its first design, the Eo, could walk by putting one leg in front of the other, but did so slowly and took five seconds between steps.


Weight 48 kg
Height 130 cm
Speed (Walking) 2.7 km/h
Speed (Running) 9 km/h
Operation Time 1 hr
Degrees of Freedom 57


  • Country: Japan 
  • Company: Honda

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