Robotic Education:

09:38 - 2017/10/09

"Governing Lethal Behavior in Autonomous Robots" Book: Free Download

Expounding on the results of the author’s work with the US Army Research Office, DARPA, the Office of Naval Research, and various defense industry contractors, Governing Lethal Behavior in Autonomous Robots explores how to produce an "artificial conscience" in a new class of robots, humane-oids, which are robots that can potentially perform more ethically than humans in the battlefield.
14:06 - 2017/10/08

"Theory of Applied Robotics" Book: Free Download

The second edition of this book would not have been possible without the comments and suggestions from my students, especially those at Columbia University. Many of the new topics introduced here are a direct result of student feedback that helped me refine and clarify the material. My intention when writing this book was to develop material that I would have liked to had available as a student. Hopefully, I have succeeded in developing a reference that covers all aspects of robotics with sufficient detail and explanation.
12:03 - 2017/10/08

"Robotic Sailing" book: Free Download

While sailing has a long tradition, both as a means of transportation and as a sport, robotic sailing is a fairly new area of research. One of its unique characteristics is the use of wind for propulsion. On the one hand, this allows for long range and long term autonomy. On the other hand, the dependency on changing winds presents a serious challenge for short and long term planning, collision avoidance, and boat control.
11:04 - 2017/10/08

"Modern Control Engineering" Book: Free Download

This comprehensive treatment of the analysis and design of continuous-time control systems provides a "gradual" development of control theory--and shows how to solve "all" computational problems with MATLAB. It avoids highly mathematical arguments, and features an abundance of examples and worked problems throughout the book. Chapter topics include the Laplace transform;
10:17 - 2017/10/08

"Adaptive Control of Robot Manipulators" Book: Free Download

This book introduces an unified function approximation approach to the control of uncertain robot manipulators containing general uncertainties. It works for free space tracking control as well as compliant motion control. It is applicable to the rigid robot and the flexible joint robot. Even with actuator dynamics, the unified approach is still feasible. All these features make the book stand out from other existing publications.
14:30 - 2017/10/07

"Flying Insects and Robots" Book: Free Download

Flying insects are intelligent micromachines capable of exquisite maneuvers in unpredictable environments. Understanding these systems advances our knowledge of flight control, sensor suites, and unsteady aerodynamics, which is of crucial interest to engineers developing intelligent flying robots or micro air vehicles (MAVs).
13:29 - 2017/10/07

"Robotic Systems" Book: Free Download

Ashish Dutta, the editor of Robotic Systems book brings you several latest researches done on Robot Applications, Control, and Programming. This robotic book covers three major areas.
11:28 - 2017/10/07

"Autonomous Flying Robots" Book: Free Download

The advance in robotics has boosted the application of autonomous vehicles to perform tedious and risky tasks or to be cost-effective substitutes for their - man counterparts. Based on their working environment, a rough classi cation of the autonomous vehicles would include unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), - manned ground vehicles (UGVs), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), and autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs).
10:16 - 2017/10/07

"Robotics, Vision and Control" Book: Free download

The practice of robotics and computer vision both involve the application of computational algorithms to data. Over the fairly recent history of the fields of robotics and computer vision a very large body of algorithms has been developed. However this body of knowledge is something of a barrier for anybody entering the field, or even looking to see if they want to enter the field — What is the right algorithm for a particular problem?
08:19 - 2017/10/07

"Principles of Robot Motion" Book: Free Download

Robot motion planning has become a major focus of robotics. Research findings can be applied not only to robotics but to planning routes on circuit boards, directing digital actors in computer graphics, robot-assisted surgery and medicine, and in novel areas such as drug design and protein folding.