Robotic Education:

09:59 - 2017/10/14

"Arduino Cookbook" Book: Free Download

Want to create devices that interact with the physical world? This cookbook is perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with the popular Arduino microcontroller and programming environment. You’ll find more than 200 tips and techniques for building a variety of objects and prototypes such as toys, detectors, robots, and interactive clothing that can sense and respond to touch, sound, position, heat, and light.
09:34 - 2017/10/12

"Engineering Haptic Devices" Book: Free Download

In this greatly reworked second edition of Engineering Haptic Devices the psychophysic content has been thoroughly revised and updated. Chapters on haptic interaction, system structures and design methodology were rewritten from scratch to include further basic principles and recent findings. New chapters on the evaluation of haptic systems and the design of three exemplary haptic systems from science and industry have been added.
13:36 - 2017/10/11

"Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets" Book: Free Download

Want to build your own robots, turn your ideas into prototypes, control devices with a computer, or make your own cell phone applications? It's a snap with this book and the Arduino open source electronic prototyping platform. Get started with six fun projects and achieve impressive results quickly.
10:49 - 2017/10/11

"Robot Motion and Control" Book: Free Download

Robot Motion and Control presents very recent results in robot motion and control. Twenty papers have been chosen and expanded from fifty-three presented at the Fourth International Workshop on Robot Motion and Control held in Poland in June 2004. The authors of these papers have been carefully selected and represent leading institutions in this field.
08:49 - 2017/10/11

"Feedback Control of Dynamic Bipedal Robot Locomotion" Book: Free Download

Bipedal locomotion is among the most difficult challenges in control engineering. Most books treat the subject from a quasi-static perspective, overlooking the hybrid nature of bipedal mechanics. Feedback Control of Dynamic Bipedal Robot Locomotion is the first book to present a comprehensive and mathematically sound treatment of feedback design for achieving stable, agile, and efficient locomotion in bipedal robots.
14:30 - 2017/10/10

"Intelligent Automatic Generation Control" Book: Free Download

Automatic generation control (AGC) is one of the most important control problems in the design and operation of interconnected power systems. Its significance continues to grow as a result of several factors: the changing structure and increasing size, complexity, and functionality of power systems, the rapid emergence (and uncertainty) of renewable energy sources, developments in power generation/consumption technologies, and environmental constraints.
13:26 - 2017/10/10

"Mechanisms and Robots Analysis with MATLAB" Book: Free Download

Modern technical advancements in areas such as robotics, multi-body systems, spacecraft, control, and design of complex mechanical devices and mechanisms in industry require the knowledge to solve advanced concepts in dynamics. Mechanisms and Robots Analysis with MATLAB provides a thorough, rigorous presentation of kinematics and dynamics.
14:20 - 2017/10/09

"Robot Builder’s Sourcebook" Book: Free Download

This work includes listings of robot suppliers, including mail order and local businesses. The listings are cross-referenced so readers can find the best sources for their needs. Sidebars are included with additional information to help readers understand critical robotics technologies, such as motor types, sensor designs, and choice of materials.
13:34 - 2017/10/09

"Advances in Telerobotics" Book: Free Download

At the dawn of the new millennium, robotics is undergoing a major transformation in scope and dimension. From a largely dominant industrial focus, robotics is rapidly expanding into the challenges of unstructured environments. Interacting with, assi-ing, serving, and exploring with humans, the emerging robots will increasingly touch people and their lives.
10:45 - 2017/10/09

"Advances in Robotics" Book: Free Download

This volume is an edition of the papers selected from the 12 FIRA RoboWorld C- gress, held in Incheon, Korea, August 16–18, 2009. The Federation of International Robosoccer Association (FIRA – www. fira. net) is a non-profit organization, which organizes robotic competitions and meetings around the globe annually. The RoboSoccer competitions started in 1996 and FIRA was - tablished on June 5, 1997. The Robot Soccer competitions are aimed at promoting the spirit of science and technology to the younger generation.