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IDC predicts that 35 percent of leading organizations in logistics, health, utilities, and resources will explore the use of robots to automate operations by 2019. Research firm International Data Corp's (IDC) Manufacturing Insights Worldwide Commercial Robotics program recently unveiled its top 10 predictions for worldwide robotics for 2017 and beyond. The list has some interesting forecasts, and if they come true, they will likely have a significant impact on business and society. (CFP | CFP Robotic Group | Certified Financial Planner)

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  • Growth of "robot as a service"
  • Emergence of the chief robotics officer
  • An evolving competitive landscape
  • The coming robotics talent crunch
  • Robotics will face regulation
  • Rise of the software-defined robots
  • More Collaborative Robot
  • Arrival of the Intelligent RoboNet
  • Growth in robots outside the factory
  • Robotics for Ecommerce