R1 Robot: Personal Humanoid Robot


It's born as the new humanoid of the robotic ecosystem of IIT – Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.  Italian design, variable height of 20 cm starting from 1.25m, weight 50 kg, 50% plastic and 50% carbon fibre and metal, it is designed to operate in domestic and professional environments. At the same time, with the involvement of private investors, IIT will implement the production model on a large scale in the next 12-18 months. R1 robot has been created based upon the experience gained by IIT on iCub, the most widespread humanoid robot for research in the world. R1 is also a humanoid and has elements of uniqueness:

  • It has been designed by studying human responses during interaction with him. It is a work in collaboration with designers, creatives and neuroscientists to understand what aspects of the shape and movement of the robot make it seem more "human";
  • Its Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is designed and developed directly on the humanoid. Most A.I. studies are conducted regardless of the existence of a robotic body, while on the contrary, the latest neuroscience studies say that intelligence is developed in a functional manner to the body that hosts it;
  • It has a newly developed body, in which currently plastic materials are used for 50% of the structure. Future versions will incorporate intelligent materials, such as those based on graphene, or biodegradable, increasingly sophisticated sensors, more efficient batteries and circuits incorporated into the very structure of the robot.


Weight 50 kg
Height 1.25 m
Body Material 50% Plastic, 50% Carbon
Speed 2 km/h
Sensors (Count) 9
Motors (count) 28


  • Country: Italy 
  • Company: Istituto Italiano De Tecnologia

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