iCub Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot


iCub Robot, iCub

iCub Robot: The humanoid called iCub, which has been under development for 10 years, is motivated by goals and can express six emotions on its face, including raising its eyebrows and generating a light-up smile. It was originally created by the Italian Institute of Technology as part of the eFAA Project and over the years, it’s been refined to be able to crawl, walk and dance to music, manipulate objects in its hands, speak and express emotions. It's latest iteration is more human-like than ever. A video posted by New Scientist shows it playing a game of paddle war – a simple game where two players each hold a paddle - or in this case a cylinder - and try to score goals using a digital ball, while stopping their rival from scoring. 


Weight 22 kg
Height 1.04 m
Degrees of Freedom 31


  • Country: Italy 
  • Company: Italian Institute of Technology

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