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Farmbot Robot: The first version of the FarmBot — called the FarmBot Genesis — is designed to work in a raised garden bed or garden box. The robot itself moves around using tracks on the sides of the box, and it works in three dimensions. So it can go left to right; forward and backwards; and up and down. If you've ever seen a 3D printer, it moves around in a similar way. But instead of squirting out plastic, the FarmBot sows seeds, waters plants and gets rid of weeds — using different attachments for each job. It can grab different tools, depending on the task at hand. This robot has been in the works for a few years — but you can now actually buy one now. The California company behind the robot has started taking pre-orders, which cost about $4,000 Cdn. And in the last month, FarmBot has raised about $1 million to start manufacturing kits. FarmBot seems to be designed for people who want to grow their own produce, but aren't terribly interested in the actual work of gardening to get that produce. If you browse through the FarmBot forums, you'll find a mix of hobbyists, tinkerers and educators — people with a decidedly technological bent.


Materials V-Slot & Bracket Aluminum 
Motor Type NEMA 17 stepper
Operation Range 1 - 4.5 m2
max. Plant Height 1.5 m


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: FarmBot

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Kolja 14:31 - 2018/05/27
Hi, could you please also send me the datasheet?
Seung-Hun Kim 12:06 - 2017/08/10
Please give me a datasheet(hardware spec.) of FarmBot Robot.
Reply: Hi dear Seung. Thanks for visiting to our site. I'll send datasheet for your mail
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