Andros F6B Robot: The Bomb Disposal Robot


Andros F6B Robot, Andros F6B

Andros F6B Robot: Thursday night, the Dallas Police Department (DPD) used a bomb disposal robot with lethal force. After hours of negotiations failed, the police strapped a pound of C4 and a detonation cord to the robot, maneuvered the robot near the suspect, and detonated, killing the 25-year-old suspect Micah Johnson. In a police statement issued on Saturday, the DPD named the bot used in this unprecedented operation—the Remotec Andros F5 model. Although no longer sold by Remotec, the F5 appears to be an earlier model of the current Andros F6 bomb disposal robot. According to a 2012 product sheet, the new F6B can carry up to 60 lbs with its arm fully extended, meaning its one pound, lethal payload wasn’t even close to the maximum amount it could carry.



  • Integrated arm, gripper & articulator sensors supply OCU with real-time feedback on position & rotation using on-screen graphics
  • Optional rear drive camera
  • Color surveillance camera with light, zoom, pan/tilt
  • Surveillance camera with image stabilization - 216:1 total zoom (26x optical/12x digital)
  • Stationary arm camera - 40:1 total zoom (10x optical/4x digital)
  • 24-inch camera extender
  • Multiple-mission tool/sensor mounts with plug-and-play capabilities
  • Gripper with continuous rotate
  • Manipulator arm's seven degrees of freedom ensure optimum dexterity
  • Quick-release pneumatic wheels for rapid width-reduction, no tools required
  • Patented articulating tracks allow for traversing ditches, obstacles and the roughest terrain

Vehicle Data / Communication Links

The three data links available for operator control of the ANDROS vehicle are:

  • Fiber-optic cable - deployed from the vehicle Radio control (wireless) Hard-tether cable
  • Patented articulating tracks allow for ease in stair climbing
  • Increased height to meet mission requirements
  • Dual accessory mounts on arm allow simultaneous, multiple weapon/sensor deployment


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: Northrop Grumman Remotec

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Angelika Kippax 00:07 - 2018/08/26
JOSE E CRUZ CHICO 18:30 - 2018/01/26
Good Morning
we want information about f6 series robot and price
Reply: Hi dear Mr. Jose,
First of all, We're so happy to come to our site. I send more information of this robot for your email.
Price: 5000$ - 6000$
Good luck
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