DonkiBot Robot: Auto-follow Trolley Robot


The DonkiBot Robot supposedly uses a LIDAR sensor to follow its master. However, before it starts moving you need to pull on its remote control, which is tethered to the robot. You’ll need to keep the remote control tethered to the robot while it’s following you, but the robot should keep doing all the work so you shouldn’t need to pull on it. In the future, you can rely on robots to carry things for you and automatically follow you. The DonkiBot is just the robot for the job. It can carry more than 100kg of load. It has following and remote control modes. Just drag the tethered sensor and the robot will be able to maintain a proper distance from you while following you.


Payload 100 kg
max. Speed 6 km/h
Operation Time 2-4 hr
Charge Time 3 hr


  • Country: South Korea 
  • Company: Omorobot

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