Tega Robot: Smart Social Robot


Tega Robot, Tega, Social Robot

Tega Robot is a smart social robot that research platform designed to support long-term interactions with young children. The robot leverages smart-phone technology to not only graphically display facial expressions but also for computation, which includes behavioral control, sensor processing, and motor control to drive its five degrees of freedom: head up/down, body-tilt left/right, body-lean forward/back, body-extend up/down, and body-rotate left/right. For increased perceptual awareness, the phone’s ability was augmented with an external camera that can capture high-definition images with a wider field-of-view.

Specifications (Tega Robot)

Weight 6.1 kg
Height 34.54 cm
Length 17.78 cm
Operation Time 6 hrs


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: MIT

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