Heros Robot: Smart Three Wheeled Robot


Heros Robot, Heros, Three Wheeled Robot

Heros Robot is a smart three wheeled robot that is rugged, and can carry payloads over 200kg. The robot can be integrated with various sensors and actors onto the robot: cameras, laser scanners, GPS, IMU, multiple high-end PCs for data processing, robot arms, carry boxes and trailers, scraper bars, LED searchlights, and wireless communication. The Innok Heros software framework is modular, too, and can be supplemented flexibly. Based on the ROS (Robot Operating System) open source platform and the Ubuntu operatingsystem, drivers and pre configured components are available. Other operating systems can be set up as well.

Specifications (Heros Robot)

Weight 70-140 kg
Height 44 cm
Payload 70-400 kg
Materials Aluminum & Stainless Steel


  • Country: Germany 
  • Company: Innok Robotics

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