Z6 Robot: Smart Foldable Robot


Z6 Robot, Z6, Foldable Robot

Z6 Robot is a smart foldable robot that is controlled remotely using a joystick controller with integrated monitor, making it a good fit for urgent site inspections, exploration, search and rescue, and more. Z6 Robot has a built-in camera for live streaming video, is able to climb stairs and move over other obstacles, can roll over and right itself if it gets flipped, is able to navigate through tight spaces and cross irregular terrain, and carry cargo. The Z6 Robot uses 18 motorized joints with 3 degrees of freedom per leg, there's a built-in accelerometer/gyro and the tips of each leg host sensors that detect contact with the ground. It runs on a more advanced version of the software used for the consumer spider bots, Bigfoot Robotics Engine Pro.

Capabilities (Z6 Robot)

  • Climb stairs

  • Fold up into a compact size

  • Roll over

  • Get back right side up (if it’s in an upside down position)

  • Navigate in confined spaces

  • Navigate on irregular terrain

Specifications (Z6 Robot)

Compact Mode 20x 23x13.7 cm
Default Standing Mode 52x49x17 cm
Speed 30 cm/s
DOF 18


  • Country: Hong Kong 
  • Company: Robugtix

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