MegaScout Robot: Smart Two-Wheeled Robot


MegaScout Robot, MegaScout

MegaScout Robot is a Smart Two-Wheeled Robot that both units are shaped like tubes about a third as wide as they are long. The Scout is about the size of the cardboard tube inside a toilet tissue roll, the MegaScout about the size of Sunday's paper rolled up. The cameras and other sensors are recessed into the surfaces of the tube. Sensors include video cameras, infrared range finders, two different types of light detectors and a pyroelectric sensor. Each unit is also equipped with a wireless frequency-hopping, signal-encrypting transceiver. A mechanical "foot" can roll the tube for limited locomotion.

Specifications (MegaScout Robot)

Weight 12 kg
Length 37 cm
max. Speed 7.2 m/s
Operation Time 7.5 hrs


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: University of Minnesota

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