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Spacer Robot, Spacer

Spacer Robot is a remote control operated airplane pushback tug that will reduce workload at airports and increase the pushback precision by providing the controller a wide angled view and the ability to confirm the aircraft's exact position at any time. In addition, the required training time will be shorter and more efficient in comparison to the conventional tug driver training. Using this new tug type also will reduce CO2 production, maintenance costs and fuel costs. Spacer Robot comes with outstanding benefits, such as:

  • Full electric drive
  • Radio remotely controlled
  • NTO license for pushing back Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 (Spacer 8600 PB only, NTO license for Spacer 195 follows)
  • Fully automatic nose gear engaging function: loads and unloads the nosewheel automatically with one tap on the remote
  • Only 1 person required for operation
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the mouth opening depth for wheels with small diameter
  • High powered electric motors
  • No driving license required
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Park your aircraft using the last corner of your hangar and save space
  • If used as a pushback tug: The Spacer can be parked directly in the immediate vicinity of the gate without becoming an obstuction.
  • Quickest Return on Investment

Specifications (Spacer Robot)


  • Country: England 
  • Company: Mototok

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