AquaJelly Robot: Jellyfish Robot


Aquajelly, Aquajelly Robot, Jellyfish Robot

Aquajelly Robot: The AquaJelly is possibly the most interesting of all the bionic creatures as it has been designed to autonomously emulate swarming behavior of wild jellyfish. Like the others, it consists of an electric drive unit and intelligent adaptive mechanism, but with a control board housed by a translucent dome, a water-tight body and eight tentacles. The control board has pressure, light and radio sensors that work with eight blue and eight white LEDs allowing communication between the AquaJellies. On the exterior, circles coated with conductive metal paint connected to a charging control unit allow Aqua Jellies to charge from stations above the water surface. When AquaJelly approaches it is drawn towards it, and communicates with the station to ensure it is sufficiently charged. Communication between other jellies and the charging station is achieved via energy-saving ZigBee short-range radio system, and by pressure allowing each Jelly to be aware of its depth, but the principal communication medium underwater is an infra-red sensor in a sphere of 80cm, allowing it to take evasive action if another Jelly approaches, or any other external influence.


Dimension 31x27x27 cm
Weight 780 gr
Body Material Acrylic
Degrees of Freedom 3


  • Country: Germany 
  • Company: Festo

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