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Jibo Robot: Alexa can tell you a joke and Siri will recite a haiku. Jibo will do that, and more: the new home robot can sense when you’re feeling down and try to make you smile. At 11 inches tall and about three pounds, Jibo isn’t much bigger than a vase of flowers. Cynthia Breazeal, a social robotics expert at MIT, designed the $749 bot to exhibit something approaching empathy. It isn’t the first—Pepper, a humanoid robot from Softbank, does the same thing and arrives in the US later this year. But Pepper started in customer service and was adapted to home use. Breazel’s team created Jibo specifically for domestic interaction. “We’re extremely sensitive to creating a personality that people can really live with and want to engage with daily,” says Blade Kotelly, VP of design at Jibo. The team wanted to engineer a robot that develops a personality and expresses a range of emotions, but tune its reactions to ensure that “people don’t feel he’s overacting, but can still read the emotion clearly,” says Kotelly.


Dimension 25×18 cm
Weight 2.72 kg
Display HD Touchscreen
Connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: MIT

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