Romo Robot: Smartphone Robot


The Romo is a programmable telepresence robot. The unit itself doesn’t actually contain any sort of electronic brain but instead uses an iPhone or iPod touch as both a visual indicator, a physical interface, and the brains behind its robotic antics. What you actually get when you purchase a Romo is a tank-like battery-powered base that your iPhone or iPod Touch clips into. This base serves as a mobile platform for the iOS device loaded with the Romo software that brings your iOS device to life as a robotic and quirky little companion. The Romo can be used in standalone mode with only the iOS device attached to it or it can be used with two iOS devices such as the initial iPhone/iPod Touch attached to the device and a companion iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad running the remote control software. It’s definitely worth noting that you do not need two iOS devices to remote control the Romo (although it does make it very convenient and fun); you can control the Romo from a computer with a web browser too.


Dimension 4.5×5.6×3 inch
Weight 6.07 kg
Speed 1.2 km/h
Battery 2000 mAh
Operation Time 2 hr


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: Romotive

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