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Rico Robot, Rico

Rico Robot: The Rico home robot has been specifically designed to utilise the processing power of older smartphones and transform them into smart home robot security devices and personal assistants. Check out the video after the jump to see the new Rico smart robots in action. It seems that new smartphones are launched nearly every month by one company or another tempting us to upgrade from our existing smartphone to a new device with a multitude of enhanced features and applications that we just can’t live without on a daily basis. Rico is the world’s first smart home robot that utilises your unused smartphone as its brain and eyes. Its creators MindHelix explain a little more about their creation:

“For the average consumer, the shelf-life of a smartphone is 24 months. According to IDC, of the over 280 million smartphones that were sold last year, many will be replaced without being recycled. These phones are toxic to the environment, polluting the air and contaminating soil and water with metals and plastics. What’s worse is that over 90% of these will be in perfect working order. 

Rico combines the power of an inbuilt processor with the best features of your smartphone to create an entirely new device. The result is a pioneering device. Anyone with a spare smartphone gets access to affordable smart-home security by plugging it into Rico, removing the clutter of heavy and expensive home security hardware and keeping you and your home safe and secure.

With Rico will come Rico smart-sockets that link Rico to the wider network of your home. Using your personal phone, you will able to control appliances from the same Rico app that you use to monitor the Rico device. This means being able to get the coffee brewing before you wake or turn off that light you forgot before you went out.”



  • Country: USA 
  • Company: MindHelix

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