Robotic News:

08:06 - 2017/05/15

Miimo Robot: Lawnmower Robot

A robot can already vacuum your floor, so it follows naturally that one ought to be able to mow your lawn, too. And now, Honda is helping you do just that. Meet Miimo, a robotic mower that promises to be “convenient, intelligent, and automated” to provide you with the “ultimate in lawn mowing.”
14:16 - 2017/05/14

Ozobot Robot: Smart Robot

It's a little toy robot that blends the physical and digital worlds — and teaches kids programming. The company bills the Ozobot as the world’s tiniest robot, but we figure there’s got to be something smaller than these little guys with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for brains.
09:57 - 2017/05/14

Autosub6000 Robot: A Deep Diving Long Range AUV

It's an unmanned, autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) - or in other words, a robot submarine. It is not attached to the ship, nor is it remotely controlled in any way. Instead, Autosub6000 is pre-programmed with instructions for its missions, which it then completes on its own in the dark depths, leaving the ship free to carry out other scientific tasks.
07:43 - 2017/05/14

Romo Robot: Smartphone Robot

The Romo is a programmable telepresence robot. The unit itself doesn’t actually contain any sort of electronic brain but instead uses an iPhone or iPod touch as both a visual indicator, a physical interface, and the brains behind its robotic antics.What you actually get when you purchase a Romo is a tank-like battery-powered base that your iPhone or iPod Touch clips into.
12:54 - 2017/05/13

Jibo Robot: Smart Family Robot

Jibo learns by listening and asking questions. Jibo uses machine learning, speech and facial recognition, and natural language processing to learn from its interactions with people. It can discern what you might like for dinner or even tutor your kids. But don’t expect him to become a friend or confidant.
11:22 - 2017/05/13

T8 Robot: Tarantula Robot

Aesthetically and behaviorally realistic, the T8 is the only robot in the market that combines so much resemblance to a real spider with fine movements, programmability, and customizability. With 26 servo motors packed inside the robot and powered by the proprietary Bigfoo Robotics Engine, which contains advanced robotics algorithms for controlling multi-legged walking robots, there are endless possibilities for the types of bio-inspired, realistic movements that the robot can make.
09:19 - 2017/05/13

CRAM Robot: A Robot Cockroach

Researchers from Berkeley today announced the creation of a robot cockroach, called the compressible robot with articulated mechanisms, or CRAM, funded in part by the Army Research Laboratory under the Micro Autonomous System and Technology or MAST, program.
08:29 - 2017/05/13

Dirk Robot: The Homeless Robot

Dirk ambles along with his cart, begging for money and, upon receiving some, playing some music. Though he is robotic his motion is incredibly lifelike. The nodding head and even the begging hand come off as very natural and most people take a few moments to even realize that this is, in fact, a robot and not a person. This is especially true when he isn’t in the context of a Maker Faire.
08:56 - 2017/05/11

Rex Robot: Humanoid Robot

Rex, the bionic man has arrived and is here to stay. At least for a month, stationed at the London Science Museum. Rex is a two-meter tall artificial human, constructed from the most sophisticated bionic and prosthetic technology its developers could get their hands on.
07:26 - 2017/05/11

Leka Robot: An Exceptional Toy

One of the biggest and most biting criticism of modern tech is the industry’s excessive push to solve trivial problems. Nowhere is this theme more apparent than among the sea of forgettable gadgets at CES, itself a trade show that revels in the opulence of Las Vegas and the often hollow promise of our techno-enabled future.