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Visual Components 4.0 Software is a commercial 3D discrete event simulation software that enables material flow and robotics simulation on one platform. The functionality can be extended with off-line programming capabilities and PLC connectivity. The software product family consists of five software variants. The simulation software can be used for planning and optimizing factory and production line layouts.





  • Build layouts by dragging and dropping components from the eCatalog into a layout; connect compatible components via the plug-and-play feature
  • Employ the properties editing feature to modify pre-defined component parameters, such as dimensions, speed, and color
  • Import CAD files directly into the layout—Visual Components supports CAD file types from leading CAD vendors
  • Capture and export screenshots into presentations
  • Convert 3D layouts to presentation-ready 2D drawings
  • Record and export video up to 4K HD quality
  • Create animated and interactive 3D PDFs with embedded simulations, built-in navigation/ playback options, and bill of materials
  • Execute the Simple Robotics tool to define, model, and analyze robotic behavior, including robot jogging; reachability and collisions; robot logic and postures
  • Import a facility’s Point Cloud models into the software, configure layouts inside the models
  • Create a connection for PLCs to test and verify logic and control changes

Visual Components (Overview):

Juha Renfors (CEO)

Founded: 1999

Headquarters: Jacksonville

Wikipedia of Visual Components:

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LUO.David 06:14 - 2020/01/17
the download file is not 4.0 version. It's the version 4.1.1,this version software need pay for the key.
Reply: Yes, It's a new version 4.1.1. You must buy this version
Ali ihsan AYDIN 00:12 - 2019/11/12
Reply: YW, dear Ali
Denis 03:11 - 2019/10/30
I interested in the visual components.
I want to experience it.
ashraf 17:52 - 2019/08/04
visual componet 4
Daniel M 05:25 - 2019/07/17
Olá pessoal da CFP gostaria de testar o Visual Componentes,obrigado!!!!
Reubinho 23:30 - 2019/04/09
Please i need this software for educational purpose. I have tried downloading it but to no avail.
chan sen min 20:16 - 2019/02/13
Reply: YW, dear Chan
You can download it now
BuiDucQuyen 12:11 - 2018/12/08
How to get product key? plz!!
EDIMAR ENGELER 15:21 - 2018/10/10
gostaria de testar o programa
Reply: Hi dear Edimar
Yes ... You can test this software. no problem.
Good Luck
carlos 03:48 - 2018/08/18
we are mechanical engineers, from Dominican Rep. , we want development in integration systems, and we are very interesting in VC , because will be for us objective.
We are need knowledge for uses.

josé estevez 23:10 - 2018/07/25
Soy profesor de formación profesional en electricidad-electrónica , doy clases de robótica y electricidad industrial

me gustaría aplicar este programa en el aule
Kubo 14:23 - 2018/02/08
I love it
Reply: thanks, dear Kubo
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