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Technical University of Dortmund: It's a university in Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany with over 30,000 students, and over 3,000 staff. It is situated in the Ruhr area, the fourth largest urban area in EuropeThe university is highly ranked in terms of its research performance in the areas of physics, electrical engineering, chemistry and economics.

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Over 1,000 third-party funded projects, including a range of collaborative projects such as (transregional) Collaborative Research Centers, Research Units, Research Training Groups, a "Cluster of Excellence" and several Horizon 2020 research consortia. Nearly 300 professors teach and research at TU Dortmund University. The university is particularly renowned for research in its four profile areas: Materials, Production Technology and Logistics, Chemical Biology, Drug Research and Process Engineering, Modeling, Data Analysis, Modeling and Simulation and Education, Schooling and Inclusion, in which it celebrates research successes beyond disciplinary limits, and at an outstanding international level. Strong institutional networks in the science and engineering profile areas play a significant role in TU Dortmund's research successes. One Max Planck institute, two Fraunhofer institutes and two Leibniz institutes as well as the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) are located in close proximity to the campus.

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