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Abilix company: Abilix was founded in 1996, and Abilix is the world’s first educational robot brand. Over the last 20 years, Abilix has obtained a total of more than 400 patented technologies, independently developed over 120 types of educational robots, written more than 50 sets of robot teaching materials (in 9 language versions), which have been batch exported to over 30 countries and are the only high-tech education products batched exported from China.

  • History (Abilix Company)

1996: Dr. Yun created the world' first educational robotics brand-Abilix

1998: Abilix released the first educational robot AS-M to the world. Dr. Yun Weimin was invited by Bill Clinton, the President of the United States, to attend a "My Chinese Dream"-themed luncheon

2000: Abilix founded the earliest robotics competition in China-Abilix Cup.

2001: Abilix robots, representing China, won the first robotics competition championship in the American Trinity College.

2002: Relesed the world's first robot flow chart programming software.

2004: Abilix firefighting and football robot competition system has been listed into the "National primary and secondary school computer production activities". This is the only domestic robot contest whose winners are eligible for direct admission to colleges or for gaining extra college entrance examination points.

2005: Abilix independently developed innovation course (in 9 language versions) was batch exported to 31 countries globally. It's the only hi-tech educational product batched exported from China.

2010: Abilix was titled "China's most innovative companies". As a company accumulated 161 patents, Abilix owns the most all-around technology in the educational robotics field.

2012: Yu Zhengsheng, the municipal party secretary of Shanghai, was visiting Abilix Robots.

2013: Abilix became the exclusive competition equipment supplier for the World Educational Robot Contest (WER).

2015: Abilix Cooperated with the Center for Research and Development of Educational Equipment at the Ministry of Education. Abilix carried out research works and standards development for students innovative and practical ability based on education robot platforms.

2016: Abilix Home - the first robotics training center was established. Within a year, more than 200 Abilix homes have been established.

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